Letter: Constitutional republic, democracy could fall

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 21, 2021

The U.S. has a constitutional republic, and this democracy has lived for many years. Many factions are working against it for years, especially under the former administration when moves were made toward an authoritarian regime to replace it. Now, we see an alarming increase in violence, hatred, racism and division. The Republican Party does not want to govern and has obstructed good government for years.

In the wake of the disgraced former guy twice impeached, we have Trumpist GOP officials in about one-third of the states passing laws that would permanently destroy the democratic process of voting. True democracy is based on the phrase “by the people, for the people, of the people” and one person, one vote. These backward laws would deny those principles and in many instances would even place the responsibility for election procedures in the hands of their own officials to be able to cancel votes they do not like. Our own state of North Carolina has passed extremely gerrymandered districts so the Republicans in control of the legislature can remain in control.

Does it seem fair in a state that is roughly 50-50 to have districts that are 10-4?

The Jan. 6th failed coup attempt was a visible sign we all saw. If it had succeeded, it would have been the downfall of the U.S. democratic republic. The Trumpian GOP continue their bad behavior trying to end it.

The Voting Rights Act needs to pass to protect our rights to vote in a free and fair election. The obstructionist Republicans in the Senate have four times blocked even discussing the voting rights issue. If action does not happen to stop the tragically misled Trump followers and GOP, the U.S. democratic and constitutional republic will fall.

Do you want to live in an authoritarian country like dictatorship or fascism?

— Pat Bullard

China Grove