Letter: Reconsider strategy on green energy

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 11, 2021

I can’t think of one thing Biden has done right since he became president.

The one wrong thing he’s done which might bother me the most is his war on energy. Within hours of him becoming president, he sat​ at his desk and began signing a bunch of neatly stacked executive orders. Among those orders was to h​alt construction of the Keystone Pipeline and to cease energy operations on federal land. Thanks to those orders, America now produces 2 million fewer barrels of oil a day. Amazingly,​Biden has asked OPEC to ramp up the production so they can export more oil to the US to make up for his own self-inflicted shortfall.

​This makes absolutely no sense.​ Just think about the extra amount of energy needed to ship millions of barrels of oil across the Atlantic to the US when we could have produced all of it right here. Just because we produce more energy doesn’t mean we have to consume more energy.

What we don’t ​use; we ​​store for a rainy day. We could even sell our extra energy to our European allies. I’ll bet they would rather rely on the U.S. for their energy than Russia or OPEC.

Energy is the lifeblood of any country;​not all countries can produce the energy they need. Luckily we can. We can spread our wealth to those that can’t.

To be energy independent is a plus to our economy as well as our natural defense.​ I ​enjoyed the ​last few years not worrying about OPEC and the Persian Gulf.

This does not mean we stop our research regarding ​​renewables. The less we need oil and gas because of ​​renewables, the better. But ​r​enewables cannot ​p​ower ​our country all by themselves. We need all forms of energy to exist.

The ​g​reen new dealers​ need to​ reconsider their strategy against fossil fuels. We can still have energy production and ​g​oing ​g​reen policies ​at the ​same time.

— Allan Gilmour