Letter: Questions about COVID-19 vaccines

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 7, 2021

Are the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines” really vaccines in the traditional sense? Or are they a type of experimental gene therapy never widely used on humans before 2020?

Can the mRNA in these “vaccines” induce your cells to produce a spike protein, which could cause your body’s immune system to attack these cells?

Have these “vaccines” produced heart/neurological damage in some people? Have these “vaccines” killed anyone? Have all injuries or deaths produced by these “vaccines” been accurately recorded and reported?

Do these “vaccines” protect against the Delta variant of COVID-19?  How many people now in the hospital with the Delta variant have been fully “vaccinated” with COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines”?

Why did the Chinese decide to use a traditional vaccine against COVID-19, instead of the experimental gene therapy mRNA “vaccines”?

If school-age children are more likely to die of the seasonal flu virus, why would we risk vaccine injuries in this age group?

Before anyone attempts to label me an “antivaxxer,” please know that my degree is in biology, and I am not against normal vaccines which have been thoroughly vetted through long-term studies.

— Joe D. Teeter

Gold Hill