Entries in matching autograph books among interesting estate sale finds

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 7, 2021

By Brenda Zimmerman

One fun find before the just-ended estate sale at 612 Park Ave. was a matching pair of small autograph books that twins Marie Barringer Cuthrell and Miriam Barringer Clary had in their high school years.

The estate sale’s final days this weekend. It’s been a successful sale, and organizers appreciate the continued support of Helen and Ralph Brown and their volunteer team’s work for contributing to the funds for research and education for Cystic Fibrosis.

Because of the twins, there were nearly two of everything — from iron cribs to matching pairs of clothes.

Entries in the autograph books ranged from 1938 to the twins’ senior year, 1941. Many noted when they signed the sentimental books that they were not sure which twin they were addressing. In comparing the books, most wrote the same thing in one as the other. Many wrote the typical “best wishes for great future,”  “I enjoyed being in English class with you” or “forget me not.” Among the quips, quotes, and poems the following stand out:

• “I know you have plenty of friends, and a lot of lovers. So I’ll give them room to write on the pages, and I will write on the covers.”

• “When you are old and cannot see, Put on your specs and think of me.”

• “People love flowers, flowers love dew, Some may others but I love you.”

• “I’m writing the same thing in both your books. I can’t tell you apart. I think you and your other half are precious. I hope you always keep that cute cheery smile.”

• “Sure as the vine grows around the stump, you are my sugar lump. Sure as the vine grows around the door, you’ll get married and court no more.”

• “When you are old and kind and true, and your babies have eyes of blue, remember me and Boyden High School.”

• “My love has flew, he done me dirt, I might have knew he were a flirt, So to all my friends may I forbid, that they get done like I got did. I hate he, I hate he, I wish he would die.  He told I he loved I, but he lied, lied.”

• “Can’t think, too dumb. Can’t write..no inspiration, no ink no pen. Best Wishes, Amen.”

• “I thought I was seeing double, but then I saw the trouble. For one was Marie, as sweet as she can be.  And the other was Miriam, her show of beauty charmin’.”

• “May your life be filled with sunshine and just enough moonshine to make you happy.”

• “When you see a donkey tied to a tree, pull his tail and think of me.”

• “When the golden bells are ringing, and no more on earth you trod,  May your name be written with the autographs of God.”

• “To forget you I can never, It is vain for me to try. I will worship you forever and love you til I die. Rocks and hills may divide us and we will be far apart. But your name in golden letters will forever be stamped upon my heart”

• “When you are married and your husband gets cross, Just pick up the rolling pin and say I’m the boss.”

• “A box of candy, a couple of kisses, will change your name from Miss to Mrs.”

• “Johnny and Miriam sitting on a log, along came little John holding a frog.” (Miriam did not marry Johnny!)

• “When you get married and live down south, remember me and my big mouth.”

• “Now take this advice from me, never sit on a sailor’s knee. For once I did and now you see…10 little sailor boys following after me.”

• “One bright morning in the middle of the night, Two dead boys got up to fight, a deaf policeman heard the noise and came to kill the two dead boys.”

• “When evening draws her curtain and pins it with a star, I’ll always remember you no matter where you are.”

• “When you grow old and think you are sweet, Take off your shoes and smell your feet.”

• “I love you little, I love you big, I love you like a sugar pig.”

• “Twins always did fascinate me. Which one are you.”

• “When you are old and having twins, don’t call me for safety pins.”

• “Rowan is my county, Salisbury is my station. I go to BHS to get my MAN-ucation.”

• “When I am dead bury me deep, put a jug of molasses at my feet. Put two fat biscuits in my hand and I’ll sop my way to the Promised Land.”

• “Yours til the powder puffs and lip sticks.”

• “Yours til Della Wares her New Jersey.”

• “Yours til the kitchen sinks.”

Names in the two books include (but are not limited to): Dot Ketner, Dorothy Alsobrooks, Boots, Toots Hearn, Betty Jeanne Willet, Margaret Eagle, Rebecca Charles, Esther Coble, Lonie Troutman, Agnes Saleeby, Lucille Rex, Virginia Grubb, Margaret Overman, Pheobe Holshouser, Ruby Parker, Cleo Ketner, Daphne Hoffner, J. H. McCulley, Mary “Snookie” Bentley, Estelle Koontz, Sadie “Judy” Greer, Kathryn Whitaker, Grace Yoe. 

See anyone you recognize? Does anyone even keep autograph books anymore?

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