Letter: Biden picks global warming over Americans

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 4, 2021

Has Biden forgotten about his fellow man? Does his trip around the world promoting global warming take precedence over the Americans still in Afghanistan? They should have been brought home a long time ago! This should be an immediate rescue.

Global warming might be important; however, it isn’t an emergency. I would be willing to bet if these people were his family, or Obama’s family, they would have certainly been home by now. I am praying these people will be brought home soon. I hope this situation doesn’t turn out like when Hillary Clinton left those 13 Americans in Benghazi. This is a disgrace.

This entire Afghanistan debacle is a crying shame. The Afghan people were our friends. They helped us tremendously. Not only after 20 years did Biden just hand over Afghanistan to the Taliban, he left our Americans there!

— Gwen Johnson

China Grove