Letter: Rowan County needs good men like McNeil in classrooms

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 31, 2021

I would first of all like to say that I do not know Mr. McNeil personally. After reading the article on the situation that happened at Knox Middle School, I am saddened that they have lost someone who appears to be vested in the community.

They have lost someone who has sold out to the school, the sports programs and the children. It is a shame we, as a nation, have allowed the children to make the calls. Social media rules the day. Kids think they can say or do whatever they like and there are no penalties.

Teachers put up with a lot, and most of us could not handle it. I know I would be in the same spot as Mr. McNeil if I had a teen challenge my authority in the classroom. There must be rules and order for education to survive.

Social media clips can be manipulated to only show one side of a story. My prayer is that when the dust settles Mr. McNeil lands on his feet. Hopefully that can be here as we need good, strong men to be in Rowan County classrooms. I pray that, if not here, God grants him another opportunity in the education system.

— Ronnie James

China Grove