Letter: Salisbury needs Alexander’s ‘voice of reason’ on council

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 24, 2021

Servant leadership personified describes Karen Alexander to a “T.” She is Salisbury through and through and has no political ambition other than bringing her substantial experience, talent and heart to the Salisbury mayor’s office.

I met Karen over 10 years ago when we were both serving on the United Way Board of Directors. Her record of public service to our city goes well beyond serving on the City Council for eight years and as our mayor for four of those years. I was a candidate with her in the 2017 and 2019 city elections. I saw her in many pressure-packed situations. She was always cool under fire, and she managed to stay focused on the issues that were crucial to Salisbury citizens.

During her tenure on council, she experienced personal attacks that would have crushed most politicians, but that’s just it — Karen is not a politician. She is a servant of the people, all the people, those that voted for her, those that didn’t, and those that didn’t vote at all. She has the unique ability to bring people together to work through issues and solve problems to the benefit of all our citizens whether related to public safety, affordable housing, growing our local economy to enhance economic stability, or many other City Council issues.

Salisbury needs Karen Alexander as our mayor not because of what she has done in the past. She is certainly not one to rest on her laurels. We need her because of what she continues to do every day and will do in the future and that is to deliver every ounce skill, dedication, integrity and compassion she has to being our mayor. Please vote for Karen Alexander for mayor. We need her “voice of reason” on our city council.

— John Struzick