Letter: With Anthony Smith, we can rise

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 21, 2021

I moved to Salisbury two years ago seeking a haven to raise my young daughters after several tumultuous assignments with the federal government overseas. I believe this town is a fantastic place to live and work, and I have experienced tremendous joy as a downtown business owner. My daughters are young enough to relish in every aspect of our phenomenal new Bell Tower Green Park; to the visionaries who conceived and birthed this plan, I salute you.

We need more of this vision for our youth.  We cannot rest on the park alone to adequately stimulate our children’s intellectual curiosity.  Kids grow — they need skate parks, science centers — and we can capitalize on the park’s proximity to our vital and historic downtown to bring in tourists, school tours, and ensuing revenue.  We need more opportunities for our City Council to fully engage and encourage Rowan County’s already vibrant partners in education, to include the Pedal Factory, Muddy Sneakers and Happy Roots.

We need risk takers and change makers.

I believe Anthony Smith is the leader for this moment in Salisbury.

As a pastor, Anthony possesses the ability to truly listen to his constituents, and provide recommendations to heal, grow, and unite. As a father and grandfather, he has already tirelessly worked to inclusively expand access to quality education for so many children in our community. As a former member of the military, he appreciates the role of law enforcement as a community partner but understands crime prevention requires galvanized support from educators and beyond.

Most importantly, as a philosopher, Anthony can cultivate the abundant resources we already possess in this phenomenal town we call home.  

Together — with Anthony Smith — we can rise.

— Alissa Redmond