Letter: Al Heggins for all

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 21, 2021

Election time
Let’s be brave
Show the door to
The old brigade
Inward looking
No new ideas
Time to get new careers
It isn’t hard when you slice the cake
To see the layers and who’s on the make
Blue or red it don’t matter
Tribe and status top of the ladder
Status quo us on top
Kiss the ring oh my stop
Groucho looks down in a state
Al’s a marxist end of debate
Moribund playbook to the fore
Last gasp of the dinosaur
Demonize and steer up fear
All to lose don’t you hear?
Remember the words of FDR
If you need an aid-memoire
So my friends let’s move on
The 1950’s long and gone

— Andrew Walker