Letters: Vote for Heggins in mayor’s race, Smith and Sheffield for council

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 19, 2021

It is my opinion that people who want to be government leaders and decision makers do so for two main reasons. 

It is either for self interest and power or for a genuine desire to work for and benefit all people regardless of ethnicity, race, gender or economic status. My intention is not to malign any candidate but to express my support for Al Heggins for mayor of Salisbury and Anthony Smith and Tamara Sheffield for Salisbury City Council. 

These very capable people have already shown that they have walked with, fought for and made decisions that promote opportunities and equity for all people to prosper and not just for those who have the most clout and influence. We are a diverse community and we need a mayor and council members who represent this diversity. We can only be a truly inclusive community when we have leaders who advocate for equity in school resources and that all children are valued, who advocate for transparency, oversight, accountability and equity in policing and the judicial system and allocate resources to provide affordable housing and lift people out of poverty. 

We need leaders who can be a voice for the voiceless and make sure that everyone has a place at the table. To continue to work for the revitalization of the downtown area and to enact policies for  economic growth are also important issues for these candidates. 

Al Heggins, Anthony Smith and Tamara Sheffield have not engaged in negative campaigning but have shown by example their willingness to listen to and work with others who may have differing opinions. They treat others with dignity and respect. Your vote is important and absolutely necessary to ensure that we have leaders who represent all the people.  Please join me in voting for Al, Anthony and Tamara.

— Carol Pomeroy