Letter: Sheffield does her homework, studies city’s problems

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The recent news article about the City Council candidate forum hosted by Rowan Concerned Citizens was an excellent opportunity to see which candidates do their homework.

As we have come to expect, Tamara Sheffield made it clear that she is aware of the many challenges that City Council must face and solve for the citizens of Salisbury. Tamara shared more specific information in her one-minute responses than other candidates could have shared if they had been given five minutes.Why is that true? It is because Tamara does her own research. She studies the problems that the city faces, and she always asks the hard questions.

She cited the use of the American Rescue Plan funds to support our hard-working police and public works employees. She understands the need and benefits of the Community Development Block Grants for the improvement of neighborhoods across our city. She emphasized the importance of the council as the defenders of the city and the citizens. Tamara is concerned about the citizen’s safety and well-being be it clean water, proper sewage, victims’ rights or advocates for the city’s homeless.

Tamara said it best.

As the Post article published Wednesday states, “Sheffield said the role (City Council member) involves creating policies, steering the decisions of the city manager, establishing a budget that spends tax dollars equitably and ensuring safety. She emphasized the need for role models, honesty and transparency.”

Vote for a City Council member who will go that extra mile to be sure that she knows all of the facts and will cast her vote for decisions that will benefit all of the citizens of Salisbury.

— Karen and Larry Bowyer