Letter: Kudos to Jake Alexander for voting message

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Amongst the campaign signs popping up this time of year is a new addition that has caught my eye: a triangular sign that implores people to vote. Not for a particular candidate, mind you, but simply vote.

A look into the fine print on the signs gives credit to “Southern Initiatives, Inc.” That, as it would seem, is a nonprofit organization headed up by Mr. Jake Alexander.

Historical trends show that “off year” municipal elections such as this year have the lowest voter turnout. That’s a shame because in the federal system we enjoy in this country, local government is closest to the people and most responsive to our needs. We see our local leaders in the community or they’re friends of friends. They’re our neighbors. The same can’t as easily be said for elected officials at the state and national levels.

Local government is most intertwined with our daily lives. It’s the local elections in which our votes matter the most. This year is doubly true for Salisbury as we elect the mayor directly for the first time.

Too often, however, it’s only the big elections for president or governor that tend to bring voters to the polls. There’s hype in the media drumming up interest. Years such as this are easily forgotten by the average citizen, when those same voters could have the most local impact.

I would like to give a special shout out and thank you to Mr. Alexander and others affiliated with his nonprofit for this non-partisan sign campaign encouraging people to use their voice by going to the polls. I would also like to echo the sentiment of the signs by imploring all who are eligible to go, vote, and make your voice heard as we elect our local leaders. Go and vote!

— Eric Shock