Letter: Don’t single out one for votes all council members took

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 17, 2021

I write this letter of endorsement for Al Heggins to be the first mayor voted in as a separate office for the City Council. I have known the mayor pro tem for several years. Al Heggins deliberates, investigates, and adjudicates her decisions, as well as articulates the reasoning succinctly. She is a strong advocate for the citizens to feel that when they enter city property, they are entering “the People’s House.”

A large segment of the community has held “Fame” and its movement against Al Heggins. I have been in her company when she has said with specificity that “Fame” was a beautiful piece of art. “Fame” just had to be in an area that it could be adored without being on a main block of the city.

When the conversation about “Fame” started, it was out of a mindset of safety, not disrespect nor vengeance. To say otherwise is a patent lie. Also, when the conversation was initiated, the thought was it was on the property for perpetuity. It wasn’t, and Ed Norvell was the sole negotiator in its movement. Karen Alexander was content with it staying there until she wasn’t.

The full City Council voted for it to be moved. So, if anyone has a problem with Al Heggins, that same problem should be held against Karen Alexander and those who voted for its removal also. One can’t absolve one of guilt and lay the whole of that guilt on another. Salisbury is better than that, and I say that from the heart.

I will end by saying that the 21st Century is waiting on us collectively, through voting, to allow Al Heggins to lead us there. I would respectfully request that you vote for Al Heggins for mayor via early voting. She has done her job, and now it is time for us to do ours.

— Chris Sharpe