Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 15, 2021

“The reason the athletic club was required to get insurance is the same reason we need to be sure the town is

— Chip Short, town attorney on Granite Quarry ending a lease with the Granite Quarry Athletic Club for a 10-acre mountain bike trail property

“We want to maintain our position that the safest way to execute our mission in this current environment is to
require that everyone be vaccinated.”

— Anthony Davis, Livingstone Chief Operating Officer as the college reported having only two positive cases of COVID-19

“I’ll be out there in the front weeding and somebody will drive over … and say, ‘When is your house going to be on tour?’ It was almost like we had to do it for the people because everybody has wanted to see it.”

— Sherry Beck, whose Leo Wallace Sr. House was part of OctoberTour

“If you’re not here to see it first hand, you can’t imagine the amount of business that has picked up.”

— Patrick Hampton, Rowan-Kannapolis Alcoholic Beverage Control’s assistant warehouse manager and manager of mixed beverage sales

“I’ve known some of our girls for years and I walked with them and cheered for them last year and got to learn a lot. Coach Teems asked me to take it over, and it hasn’t been all that hard.”

— Tinsley Merrell, who took over the Rowan County Champions girls golf team at East Rowan after the retirement of long-time coach Rhett Teems

“We don’t have all of our staff under one roof. Not that it’s necessary for ensuring all of the stuff gets done, but I think being that one-stop- shop for citizens is really important for me it.”

— Alyssa Harris, Rowan County Health Department director on the county’s discussions with a Charlotte-based firm conducting a space needs study for the department

“It’s always a lot of fun to come here and talk to people, other musicians. It really didn’t seem like a big com- petition thing, it seemed like a big family reunion of bluegrass

— Steve Kilby, who traveled from his home in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia, for the 55th Granite Quarry Civitan Fiddlers Convention at East Rowan High School