Letter: Heggins talks about what is good for all

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 14, 2021

This election season is the first time citizens of Salisbury are directly voting for mayor. We have two candidates running to be mayor of the city, and I am going to adhere to Al Heggins’ policy of not talking negatively about other candidates and only highlighting why I strongly believe that Al Heggins is the right mayor for such a time as this.

Al Heggins does not engage in personal attacks of any kind. She always talks about what is good for all citizens without discrimination. In this season, we see persons apologize and retract their misinformation and malicious statements about Al Heggins. As Ms. Spillman has confessed, instead of spreading unfounded malicious stories and opinions about her attackers, she graciously seeks an audience with them to see where they are coming from and engage them so they are able to see her humanity and dignity. If this was a fair and just world, it would be quite evident that Al Heggins has the interest and capability to lead the city of Salisbury to greater and better heights because she truly represents the interest and benefit of all the citizens of Salisbury regardless of color, social/economic status and party affiliation.

Fellow citizens of Salisbury, I plead you to pay attention to what the candidates are saying in the various candidate forums, their individual campaign platforms, and on the campaign trails. Al Heggins demonstrates knowledge of issues, solutions and a tenacity that is needed for Salisbury to equitably serve all its citizens. Please vote for Al Heggins as the first elected mayor of Salisbury. Let us make history together. Let’s make Salisbury proud and the envy of all other cities!

— Dora Mbuwayesango