Letter: Something needs to be done about hospital service

Published 9:43 pm Sunday, October 10, 2021

In response to the letter published Thursday, (“Leaving after 10 hours in the emergency room”), I was also at Rowan Novant from 5 p.m. to 4:34 a.m. on the same day and had not seen a doctor or talked to anyone — just sitting in the waiting room in pain.

My mother and girlfriend were very concerned, and they put them both out. From the beginning, the two ladies from the EMS ambulance treated me like a king, a human being, but when I got to the hospital that’s when everything changed.

The lady that was at the front desk is the one who put my mother and girlfriend out for asking questions, and then put security on them when I needed some one there with me. Then, a guy came in who looked like he was having a seizure. His girlfriend or wife was very concerned and was left with him in the waiting room shaking his shoes off for minutes. Then, they finally put her out and then took him to the back.

One of the reasons they put my mother and girlfriend out is because I was very unresponsive. They continually asked for help and wanted me to stay overnight. Hours later, a nurse came and gave me a shot in the waiting room and was going to blurt out in front of people what was wrong with me. It was almost like they did not care to just put my business out right there in the waiting room.

I still didn’t see a doctor. So at about 4:35 a.m. or close to 5 a.m. I felt like I was good enough to leave. So that’s what I did.

I found out today from the Health Department what was wrong with me, not Novant. And yes, if you were a young pretty girl, you would be seen and gone with paperwork. That is wrong and unfair. There was another vibe in the hospital I’m not going to speak on even though I saw it with my own eyes. I’m not going to pull that card, but something needs to be done about that place.

I bet they are going to send me a bill for the help that they did not send me.

— George Miller