Editorial: Wireless internet among remaining items at park

Published 12:10 am Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Bell Tower Green Park is a hit.

Even on a rainy Monday, dozens of people found time to spent in the park, particularly when the raindrops paused for a while.

But there’s more to look forward to as workers put the finishing touches on it.

Among them: Once the correct lighting arrives, the park’s exterior lights and others currently turned off will give more light to the city block at night. That’ll be beneficial on fall and winter evenings, where night comes earlier.

One of the most impactful items, however, will be the installation of wireless internet in the park. Bell Tower Green President Dyke Messinger says free wireless internet is one of the items still left on the “punch list” for the park. The nonprofit that built the park will pay for installation and the city of Salisbury will maintain it.

Free internet will be beneficial for any number of reasons, including that it will further contribute to the park’s mission of being a community gathering space and, as Mayor Karen Alexander said Friday, “the center of all the critical building blocks of  successful, diverse, collaborative city.”

Nearby preschools, child care facilities and the Rowan Public Library will be able to use the internet as a resources for their programs. Students in need of internet access will have a safe, central place to get it. Workers can bring their laptops, iPads or other devices to the park and congregate around a table or gather under the gazebo or stage once it’s open. The possibilities are plentiful.

All the people who made the park happen deserve the community’s eternal thanks. There are more than 1,000 individual donors, large to small. The Stanback family, in particular, were instrumental in making the park a reality. They made financial commitments and commitments to support it over time.