Letter: Biden, Democrats destroying country

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 3, 2021

I watched Biden and Harris blame the officers on horses doing what they were trained to, by the book. I didn’t like it either, so policy should be changed.

Biden, who has never ever been to the border, does not know what is going on. Biden has been a complete failure, from over a 1.5 million illegal immigrants crossing the border, to using them as biological weapons to spread delta virus all over the USA, especially Southern states, then with cutting back doses of antibody treatments to punish and kill citizens in Southern and red states as Psaki said in her briefing, to leavings Americans, allies, and Afghan friends to be butchered, tortured and raped, also withholding videos of Jan. 6 to see what really happened, especially those in full riot gear busting down doors and it looked like how Antifa dresses, who were also caught there or gear federal agents would use.

Then encouraging people in, If you look the savage rioters were just walking around and a lot were taking pictures, not what fake news said. Next threatening nonvaccinated with loss of jobs and like in New York, not allowing them to eat out.

Biden and the Democrats in Washington are destroying our country and going after those who oppose them.

Everything I said is on the internet, look for yourself, don’t trust me.

— Chris Rodgers

China Grove