Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 1, 2021

“I’m afraid if we continue to allow massive solar farms to develop over and over and over again, we are going to lose what people are choosing to come to.”

— Karla Foster, Planning Board member who was part of a vote to reject a proposed solar project in Gold Hill

“Mr. McKeehan thought he could hide his illegal operations through the use of the dark web. But criminals who operate on the dark web should know that the DEA and its law enforcement
partners will not rest until all of the distributors of this poison are caught and prosecuted.”

— Robert J. Murphy, Drug Enforcement Agency official after a Salisbury man got more than two years in prison for importing opioids

“We are closer than where we were.”

— Lt. Justin Crews, of the Salisbury Police Department after investigators determined they have the weapon used to kill 7-year-old A’yanna Allen in 2016

“If you ever pick it up, you’re addicted, automatically.”

— Mike McCord, who played in a high skill bracket at the North Carolina Pickleball Championships in Salisbury

“We see a lot of families, a lot of happy people out here.”

— Marcus Neubacher, NC Transportation Museum director of administration on the arrival of Thomas the Tank Engine

“Vaccination is truly our way out of the pandemic where people build immunity without having to get sick.”

— Alyssa Harris, Rowan County Health Director as the county topped 50% of residents being vaccinated

“I’ve had a chance to coach quite a few really good center fielders. Kane might be the best of all of them.”

— Thad Chrismon, baseball coach at South Rowan as senior Kane Kepley committed to play at Liberty University


“They shouldn’t be trying to limit the vote for anyone … We don’t need obstacles to voting. If we have voter ID and it makes sense, OK. But not if it’s an obstacle to someone voting.”

— Pam Everhardt Bloom, who got a voter ID card in 2019 before court
rulings prevented them from being required

“I want to create something where people walk in and their jaws hit the floor and they go, ‘I can’t believe this is Salisbury.’ ”

— Samantha Haspel, who is opening The White Rabbit Cocktail Parlour and Wonderland Barcade with Robert Ring in the former  King Tut’s Hookah Lounge