Letter: Solar power education needed

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 26, 2021

Solar power isn’t “free” or “clean.” It destroys oxygen-producing forests and wildlife habitat and is much more expensive than electrical power generated by abundant, clean-burning natural gas.

Its actual cost, however, is hidden by huge tax subsidies. The state of N.C. mandates an 80% reduction of local property tax for industrial solar power, which must be made up by all other local taxpayers. 

Modern society must have electrical power every second of every day, which requires spinning turbine generators that function every second 24/7. Solar delivers its rated power only during the middle of sunny days, very little on cloudy days and none at night. California’s heavy dependence on solar and windmills is now causing sporadic power blackouts there. Little North Carolina (as compared to Texas and California) is now second in the nation for solar, and Duke Energy is being choked by it.

We might well have the same experiences as California, if this state continues its headlong rush into solar.

— William Rumburg

Gold Hill