Letter: Article is from when people were patriotic

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 26, 2021

I found a newspaper clipping written by former Post reporter Rose Post about Confederate Memorial Day (Titled “War started as lark, ended as tragedy”). It has a picture of women at the base of the statue with a wreath.

I don’t know the date, but this was from a time when the people were patriotic, loved and supported our country, its laws, its values and its morals. Now we have those who want to change and destroy rather than improve.

I’m very proud of our city and love to drive through the town and admire the magnificent beauty of the shapes and outlines of all the buildings, the mural painting of downtown Salisbury, the now-removed Confederate memorial and all the beautiful historic homes.

I’m not a native of Salisbury, but I am very proud of it and love to show it off to visitors.

— Ben Davis