Letter: Voting Rights Act is critical to US

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 23, 2021

John Hood, “What’s more democratic than elections?” (Sept. 14), failed to support the Voting Rights Act pending in Congress. Passage of the Voting Rights Act is most critical if the U.S. democratic republic is to survive.

Republican-controlled states have and are passing laws that seriously suppress fair and equal voting. Indeed, some would even enable republicans to control the states’ voting process so they could throw out votes they did not like and overturn an election.

Gerrymandering is also  a process used in many states, including N.C., to control voting for their own party in gerrymandered districts.

The U.S. Constitution is based on one person, one vote and should be fair and equal, so that all eligible voters can vote for the persons of their choice and not be controlled by partisan politics. Will Republicans, and John Hood, support the Voting Rights Act, to assure fair and equal voting?

— Pat Bullard

China Grove