Letter: Some ways to stop all the killings

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 23, 2021

Michael Rashad Payne, 29, was shot and later on died recently near Livingstone College. Around that same time, Gary Lowe, 39, was murdered on Carpenters Circle. And again, Arturo Alonso, 27,  was stabbed and later on died recently.

One out of the three killers was unknown. This as you can see is bad. This means on average cases being solved is 66% of the time. These are crimes in our community of Salisbury. I have an idea to solve this.

I come to two conclusions, both will be necessary to change the city of Salisbury. Option No. 1 is to make a petition. Why this? Well a petition would be used as a way to show the city that we need a change. This petition would additionally be used to ask for more police force and more cameras around the city. Knowing that 66% of the crimes are going unsolved we could use the extra cameras and police force. Though without my next conclusion we can’t fully reach that point.

What I propose is to build trust within the police force in our community. The more that we can actually build trust is the more we can actually get things done. We need to help the police too, additionally some crimes people know who the killer is but refuse to say for their own safety. So I suggest that we build a community with the police force that those who are afraid can speak up without fear.

— Dereon Rose-Morris