Letter: Biden riding bike at beach while nation burns

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 23, 2021

While Rome burned, Nero, allegedly, played his fiddle. I don’t know if Joe has a fiddle, but he does like to ride bicycles at his beach house and eat ice cream. So while he’s fiddling around, and Harris is flipping coins at football games:

1. Americans are held hostage in Afghanistan;

2. Our allies say they can no longer trust us;

3. Over 10,000 illegal aliens are camped under a bridge in Texas, ready to invade our country (no wonder the FAA stopped any drone footage from this site);

4. Inflation continues to rise and we’re told it “is here to stay”

5. People in our Southern states are losing their lives because of Biden’s Regeneron rationing;

6. Biden brags that his drone strike on Aug. 29 killed terrorists associated with ISIS-K, when in reality the botched strike killed an Afghan aid worker and his family, including seven children;

7. COVID shots and masks are mandated, whether you have natural immunity or not. And who cares what the Constitution and Bill of Rights says anyway!

When it comes to dictators, some things never change. Keep on fiddling, Joe. You’re doing a great job playing around while our country is being destroyed.

— Renee Coates Scheidt