Letter: How do you like Biden now?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 2, 2021

How do you like me now?

Before the election I tried to warn folks to vote for policies, not personalities. Yes, Trump said things I didn’t like, but his policies worked for America’s benefit.

So, because some couldn’t handle his brash rhetoric and attitude, they voted for Biden. How do you like him now?

Here are just a few of his accompaniments in seven months: We are humiliated in Afghanistan, spending 20 years and trillions of dollars for nothing when just a few weeks ago Biden assured us this would not happen. Look at all the equipment and weapons the Taliban took over as people ran for their lives to escape these terrorists.

The secure border he inherited is now total chaos, with illegals coming in with drugs, sex trafficking, diseases and gang members. Surprisingly, all the demands to wear a mask, take the shot and social distance don’t apply there. Biden cares nothing for Cubans trying to escape a communist country, yet he lets anyone come through Mexico.

Under Trump, we achieved energy independence and had the lowest gas prices in decades. Now gas (and everything else) has gone up. How smart was it for Biden to stop the Keystone Pipeline and put people out of work? Now, he asks Saudi Arabia and Russia to produce more oil since we don’t have enough. Why not just get our oil flowing again?

Inflation is the worst in decades. Businesses can’t get people to work because they make more money sitting on their tails, taking government checks (courtesy of all hard working Americans). Name one thing Biden has done that has made our lives better. I can’t think of anything.

So, I ask once again, how do you like him now?

But at least he doesn’t send out ugly tweets! Yeah, that’s a good reason to vote for this weak man!

— Renee Scheidt