Ada Fisher: US leaves Afghanistan without dignity

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 1, 2021

By Ada Fisher

The seemingly hurried August withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan leaves many bewildered, but all knew the presence of our military could not endure there forever.

Nonetheless, the scattered helter-skelter exit raises severe questions about the wisdom of our leadership both now and in agreements previously made. It posits questions which must be asked before national leaders are chosen.

Watching people on the ground charge the aircraft leaving the Kabul airport hoping to get a safe flight out of Afghanistan was both tragic and telling. The passengers photographed included an abundance of young males. Who was checking their credentials to ensure that a new crop of potential terrorist were not boarded? The reality of caring for refugees as well as immigrants has not been responsibly dealt with by the designated U.S. departments or among our allies. Watching those who grabbed onto the plane’s exterior falling from the sky was so reminiscent of those who jumped from New York’s Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

Now that they are boarded, where are they to go? Checkpoints in other nations will be met with caution and some resistance. The absorption of many refuges throughout Europe had been previously greeted by violence and lawlessness due to failure of some cultural assimilation in regards to the treatment of women and adherence to religious and tribal customs which may be at odds with basic democratic laws and human rights.

Watching President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris sends a chill down the spine of humanity because it seems evident that much of what is needed operationally here and in other national ventures involving our security has not been well thought out.

Looking at the Bagram Air Base being abandoned in Afghanistan in this exit, it should dismay us all that equipment, planes and other sensitive strategic materials which will easily fall in enemy hands or competing nations such as China and Russia.  If we supposedly have the greatest military, pray tell why would we leave our superior weapons which can be used and reengineered against us? Mission Impossible directives should be inculcated into all such things with a self-destruct system.

As this canopy whose evidence of fraying seems penetrated, how does this affect our relationships with Taiwan, South Korea and other parts of our protective arsenals as well as other out-post? Does this not undercut efforts to nation build, now appreciating that nations have their own sovereignty and identity which must be respected and dealt with rationally?  If the forces of government cannot protect itself when the resistance comes, should we step in or what?

Reportedly Osama Bin Laden was given shelter by the Taliban rulers, leading to a determined effort to diminish Afghanistan as a safe haven. The mantra of taking the fight to them so that they don’t come here is being challenged and the “woke culture” is really asleep at the wheel.

Too many don’t appreciate the secondary gain of war may be the things supporting our own wishes and dreams. What’s in it for us aid what does it cost to get it?

Afghanistan produces a large quantity of opium. Though big pharma may help fuel our addictions, so, too, has that nation. The fight for a Green revolution pushes electric cars and products which require Lithium — found there in abundance. Our need to address our needs is also a part our national security which must be confronted.

Salisbury’s Ada M. Fisher served as N.C. Republican National Committeewoman from 2012 to 2020, was a medical director in a Fortune 500 company, served on the Rowan County Board Of Education and worked as a secondary education teacher.