Letter: No one else would get this treatment

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 29, 2021

County Commissioner Craig Pierce has used his seat as a pulpit for his lofty conservative morals. And with that, he has spared no punches harshly criticizing those who he disagrees with. He of course champions law and order. Heck, they all do, right?

Craig Piece was recently caught in a DUI. Craig Pierce indeed has a pattern of this. It’s on record. But of course the hypocrisy of all this is too obvious. He believes he’s above the law, and it appears he’s right. Unfortunately, this is all too typical.

Typical of the times, it’s apparent he believes he’s entitled to be excused for his school boy antics. Those who do the same, he’d want them burned. It’s on record.

He believes he’s entitled to the latest age-old version of political corruption, the Trumpian Playbook, where it’s OK to threaten the law and its officers and take liberties to call in political favors and have those favors readily given. I want to know who these providers of favors and their offices would have been. Now, this is on record.

He’s getting the sympathies — “golly gee whiz, the poor guy” — and a tussle on the hair on his head from his pals on the Board of Commissioners. But none of us 99%-ers would get this kind of forgiveness and excuses if it happened to us. And that’s a fact.

And it’s on record, too …

— Butch Young