Letter: Leave choice up to parents or prepare to be voted out of office

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 26, 2021

School board members need to vote for parent choice and students’ rights.

Masks were up to the families. Now they are forced only in schools, not outside of schools. COVID tests would be the parent’s choice. Does that mean in a week’s time in it won’t be? What’s next? Vaccines that parents won’t have a choice over?

You have no authority to take away a parent’s choice or student’s rights! Enough is enough! You work for us not the other way around! If the mask worked, we wouldn’t need a vaccine. If the vaccine worked, we wouldn’t need masks. What is the definition of insanity? Those people are probably wondering I did everything the government told me to do but yet I still have COVID.

The only way to fight a virus is by natural immunity.

Teachers have more important things to do than to be mask police in the classrooms and hallways! Don’t say this isn’t political. If it wasn’t, governors across the country wouldn’t be threatening and black-mailing school districts to remove funding. According to the toolkit, masks are recommended, not mandated. Big difference!

Don’t let these decisions be controlled by fear! If any of you had an ounce of intestinal fortitude, you will tell the Rowan County Health Department and the CDC what they can do with their recommendations, since both departments are funded and controlled by the Democrat governor who has his own agenda! What is truly important to the district, kissing the rear ends of so-called health officials and government whose recommendations have done nothing in a year and a half to fix the problem or our kids? How many students under quarantine have tested positive? A week ago, you didn’t have that information. How can you vote without the facts?

Our kids are taught to follow specific rules until those rules threaten their health, well-being or freedoms. That’s where I draw the line. Our compliance only goes so far. These decisions are abuse on our students our rights and of power.

No one in the school system knows what is best for each child more than the parents do. We will not waive our parental rights away to anyone. You are not a health board. You are a school board!

If you don’t start putting the rights of students and parents choice first, we will organize, educate, go door to door to voters, campaign viciously and get you out of office.

Leave the politics out when voting on school matters. It shouldn’t matter whether you have a D or R behind your name.

— Jamie Wilson