Players at Duke basketball camp exposed to Legionella bacteria

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 21, 2021

DURHAM (AP) — More than 80 people are being treated for apparent exposure to the Legionella bacteria after attending a basketball camp for adults at Duke University, school officials said.

A statement from the school says the people who attended the K Academy between Aug. 11-15 reported flu-like symptoms that include fever, muscle fatigue, nausea and respiratory distress.

Duke infectious disease specialists, working with federal, state and local public health officials, believe the exposure likely occurred in a training room in the Schwartz-Butters Building. All the individuals who were exposed to the bacteria have been positively identified and have been contacted by Duke physicians.

No Duke student-athletes were exposed to the bacteria or have reported illness, according to the statement released Thursday.

Environmental health specialists at the school determined that exposure was limited to the training room, which is now closed while mitigation and cleaning efforts are underway. No other spaces in the Schwartz-Butters Building were affected, and there is no continuing risk to employees or visitors, the school said.

According to the news release, legionella is not contagious, and the individuals who were reported to be sick present no risk to family members or others in the community. All the individuals who have reported illness are being treated at Duke or by their local physicians, and all are expected to fully recover, the school said.