Letter: Reaper’s Realm unsafe until emergency vehicles can access area

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 19, 2021

I listened to the very lengthy and thorough commissioners meeting concerning the Reaper’s Realm zoning request.

There were many questions concerning safety and emergency vehicle access. After six hours, it was decided to work toward a temporary permit for this year if certain conditions are met.

If a temporary permit is issued for this year, and all of the conditions are followed, the problem with access for emergency vehicles will still not be addressed because there will still be only one entrance from Daugherty Road. (It was stated that the proposed second entrance road off of Old Linn Road will not be built until a permanent zoning change is granted).

If public safety is the highest priority, then emergency vehicle access is the first thing that needs to be assured. It’s unsafe to allow hundreds of people at an attraction when you’ve already been informed by the fire department that emergency vehicles are unable to access the area.

— Susan Faggart

China Grove