Ada Fisher: Wrong understanding among those in ‘no vaccination’ crowd

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 11, 2021

By Ada Fisher

The ignorance being bantered in the “no vaccination” discussions is at times appalling.

Inherent in our constitutional liberties is the implicit imperative to maintain individual freedom. On the other hand, this coronavirus is another level of existence and affects more than the individual; it threatens human existence for the masses.

The coronavirus seems to be just getting started in unveiling its deadly potential. Its variants are described by their Greek letter designations. Alpha was first. Then Beta. There’s Delta — widely seen in India and more than 80% of US cases. Lambda is being widely seen in Texas and after being first seen in Peru. Eta is from Nigeria. Iota is found in New York City and Eek is a variant in Japan with possible implications for those who were Olympians there.

Just this small number of variants is causing some consternation over the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance. It is not that they don’t know what they are doing; the wide variations in this virus’ presentation have not yielded definitive data on one medical thing which works to limit all of them.

Given what is known, for those successfully vaccinated, the risk of terminal outcomes is diminished. It has been shown that even those vaccinated can contract and spread one of the variants, but they are likely to personally get less sick with each encounter.

Fingers crossed that this virus hasn’t already mutated to one resistant to the vaccines. Then, we are in deeper trouble than many would like to believe.

For those who stand solely on their Constitutional rights to not be vaccinated, they are unwittingly placing their fellow humans at risk for annihilation. Truly, this is raison d’être for realizing we are all our brothers/sisters’ keepers whether or not we want to be.

It should be clear to everyone that masks may be here to stay for a while. Society and its work cannot be put on hold while the virus rages on waiting for cures being sought. Life must go on with precautions less many are contaminated. Video games and school must teach us science to eliminate much of the ignorance being spawned.

Those who do not wish to continue their jobs in fear of their personal safety must appreciate that doctors, nurses and frontline workers daily sacrifice their safety for our protection. Teachers who don’t want to teach in school and be vaccinated, nursing home workers who refuse to be vaccinated to care for the elderly, military personnel and others whose work forces them to more likely encounter those who are infected  should be vaccinated.

Failing to become vaccinated, those who then become ill in the course of their employment may find themselves exempt from unemployment benefits as well as those who will not work. The right to sue when infected, thinking it was someone’s failure to protect them rather than the reality of living in an uncertain world, should be limited. So should the blanket immunity for drug companies given the potential profit they are making.

My 9-year-old grandson says don’t make a joke about this virus.

If you yawn when the virus is floating close to your face, the virus can come in your mouth and your uncovered nose. Any exposed hole in your body may be a source of entrance.

The cost of this pandemic is bankrupting nations. Is it reasonable to give stimulus money to those who will not get vaccinated? We must help and protect ourselves in order to do the same for others.  It is unreasonable to believe that the government should continue to bail us out for acts of nature and God. In this appreciation, a new normal will exist.

Salisbury’s Ada M. Fisher was a medical director in a Fortune 500 company, a previous member of the Rowan County Board Of Education, a licensed secondary education teacher, author and the N.C. Republican National Committeewoman from 2012 to 2020. Email her at