Salisbury man receives up to 20 months for carrying gun while subject to domestic violence order, having fake license plate

Published 12:14 pm Thursday, August 5, 2021

SALISBURY — A Rowan County Superior Court jury this week convicted a Salisbury man of felony possession of a firearm by a person subject to a domestic violence protective order, carrying a concealed gun and fictitious tag.

Carl Keith Brindle Jr. will serve nine months to 20 months in prison for the crimes.

His charges are connected to a Nov. 3 traffic stop during which a Rowan Sheriff’s Office deputy found a loaded revolver and 59 bullets in the center console as well as a fake license plate on the vehicle.

Because a domestic violence protection order was still in effect from January 2020, Brindle was prohibited from possessing a firearm. The incident that led to the domestic violence order involved Brindle restraining the female victim in a bedroom and refused to let her leave, threatening to kill her and sending her a photo of himself with a gun in his mouth.

Rowan County District Attorney Brandy Cook stated she appreciated the effort of Assistant District Attorney Barrett Poppler and the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office in holding Brindle accountable. Cook stated that her office will continue to aggressively prosecute domestic violence offenders to help achieve justice for victims of these crimes.