Letter: Political office not for personal crusades, but Rowan is primed for such a candidate

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 3, 2021

A candidate for Rowan County commissioner wants to go “into Democratic neighborhoods,” and spread the gospel of election theft and recruit for the cult of Trump. But right off the bat, you see how wrong this candidate is for the seat.

There are no “Democratic neighborhoods” in Rowan County. And there’s no exclusively “Republican neighborhoods” either! In my opinion, this candidate is “tribal,” and perhaps believes her neighborhood is where fellow tribe members live exclusively. So therefore, Democrats must live in exclusive “tribal” neighborhoods, too! She seems to believe that everyone of the same ideologies all live together in “enclaves” in harmonious ideological bliss!

Her name Angie Spillman, and she’s running on the “Gawd, Guns and ‘Murica ” platform for Rowan County commissioner. She says she wants to “use the county commissioners office” to promote her agenda, that masquerades her nationalism as “patriotism.”

A political office is for the people, not for personal religious/political crusades. But then, Rowan County is primed for a candidate like Ms. Spillman. We’ve had years of Jim Sides using his county commissioners seat to promote his personal religious crusade. And along with Craig Pierce, recently arrested for DUI, has also spent years using his commissioners seat to promote his unquestionable religious morals as well. Angie Spillman is yet another alt-right extremist crusader, using the “Gawd, Guns and ‘Murica” platform, just to get elected. And to you, Ms. Spillman, getting elected is the easy part; I assure you.

— Butch Young II