Waterfowl Rescue removes birds from Statesville park

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 17, 2021

STATESVILLE (AP) — More than 40 birds have been removed from a North Carolina park following reports of what was termed “extreme cruelty,” including one duck whose feet were cut off, officials said.

The city of Statesville approved a plan by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue to remove the birds to prevent further incidents from happening, the Statesville Record & Landmark reported.

According to the agency, ducks had been used for target practice and another duck was beaten over the head in addition to the duck with its feet cut off.

Jennifer Gordon, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue director, said it’s estimated that approximately 75 waterfowl were in the park, but 43 were recovered by the group. Gordon said this was likely the wild birds flew off while the domesticated ones stayed. The ducks were removed last week.
Carolina Waterfowl Rescue says the birds will be available for adoption after a health screening.