Letter: Country needs return to last four years

Published 7:50 am Tuesday, June 15, 2021

My fellow Americans, in case you haven’t noticed, our country is facing a major crisis in Washington.

During the past six months it’s been reported by almost all news media that our country has gone from its position as a leader in the free world with the greatest economy in our history to one of the most critical and difficult periods in decades.

Economists are reporting that the current administration’s socialist policies of the past six months, including executive orders to open the southern border wall and cancel the Keystone oil pipeline have created the high crime rates, illegal immigration, unemployment and the highest inflation in the recent history of our country.

Many citizens who can least afford it are now paying as much as $3 or more per gallon for a gallon of gasoline, with the cost of many goods and services increasing at an alarming rate. In addition, in the opinion of many foreign policy experts, the United States has lost its reputation and respect in the world, especially with Russia, China, Korea and Iran.

Although we are making progress with the COVID-19 vaccines, many employees are being incentivized not to return to work. Socialist programs, including increased unemployment benefits, stimulus checks and other entitlement benefits have created the “voluntary” unemployment crisis in America. Our children and grandchildren will pay for these policies. We cannot allow this to continue.

So, what can we, as concerned citizens, do to help put our country back on track and make America great again?

Please write or call your senators and congressmen and ask that they stand up for America and return our country to the prosperity we enjoyed over the past four years. We deserve better! Your vote will determine the future of our country in the 2022 elections.

— Ronnie Smith