My Turn, Jayson James: Where’s the love for South Rowan?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 8, 2021

By Jayson James

As a current sports journalist, we are taught to create and give an even amount of publicity to every sports team at App State.

In the most recent edition of the sports section in the Salisbury Post and every sports edition during the high school baseball season, Carson, West Rowan, and East Rowan have been all over the sports section and get plenty of publicity, but unfortunately for the people who do not go to their games South Rowan gets absolutely no love whatsoever in the sports section minus a very small write up in the paper 5 pages deep into the sports section.

Now, if we as journalists are taught to give each team or school we cover and even amount of publicity, why do you all as a newspaper absolutely refuse to send anyone to South Rowan, who actually embarrassed a Carson team that has gotten the most love out of any team in Rowan County minus East? East Rowan gets a whole write-up for being the top seed in the NPC conference playoffs and yet not a peep has been said in the paper about the success South Rowan has had on the diamond this year.

Now, all I and many other South Rowan baseball player family members want is just to receive the same amount of publicity or “front page news” as other Rowan County teams this season have received.

Your writers and your sports editor absolutely will not give the baseball team at South Rowan any love or any sort of publicity other than maybe a sentence or two unless no other Rowan County baseball team is playing that night or they are playing a Rowan County team and, let’s face it, they’re really there for the other team and not South.

There will be many players on the baseball team that coaches in the county won’t vote for to make all county because of the lack of publicity that they do not receive throughout the county. Isn’t that just a shame? All I am asking for is South Rowan to receive the same amount of love that other teams in the county have been receiving.

I hope that it is not the hardest thing in the world for you all to accomplish. Now, with that being said, South Rowan hosted Salisbury in the first round of the CCC tournament on Monday at 7 p.m., but it would not surprise me one bit if West Rowan and Carson got a reporter at their game and their game got front page of the paper.

If you as an editor would like to read about a dang good baseball team, maybe you should have a sports reporter for the Post make their way down to Landis to watch the best baseball team in the county.

Jayson James is a student at Appalachian State University and a journalist at the school’s student newspaper.

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