Letter: Has our country become ‘losted’?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 6, 2021

The other day I was walking back to my car after having bought some groceries at Food Lion. On my way, I noticed a somewhat beat-up sedan that had a cardboard sign taped to its rear window.

The sign was trying to explain to a policeman why the car did not have any plates. The sign read, “Losted tags.”

I just shook my head proceeded to my car and drove home. Once home, I told my wife of the sign. She, too, shook her head and lamented the education system of America. She is not wrong.

Let me be clear. The owner of that car was not present when I read that sign. I have to assume the owner is at least 16-years-old because that’s what it takes to drive a car legally. Being 16 usually makes you a junior in high school. Yet, that junior thinks “losted” is a word!

We are living in an age of hating America. Cancel culture is everywhere. Censorship is widespread. Movies and books are being burned. There are people who believe math is racist. Even acknowledging sexual differences makes you some sort of bigot.

This is madness. It’s also pointless and unnecessary. Maybe if these haters had a solution, I’d come around. But they don’t. They never have.

This country has got to snap out of it. We’ve got to screw our heads back on straight and realize what’s important. If not, we’ll be forever “losted.”

— Allan Gilmour