Let it flow: Water wall tested for first time at Bell Tower Green

Published 12:05 am Friday, May 28, 2021

SALISBURY — When the minds behind Bell Tower Green came together to discuss plans for the downtown park, they talked about having a “wow” factor that would draw in visitors.

On Thursday morning, Bell Tower Green President Dyke Messinger had a “wow” moment of his own when he saw the park’s 15-foot tall water wall and accompanying nozzles bursting with water for the first time.

“The water wall was the most noticeable feature of the park from the very beginning,” Messinger said. “We thought it would be one of the biggest draws, so seeing water actually pump and go over the wall and come up was really exciting.”

The water feature, Messinger said, was designed and built by the same company used by Disney World.

“They come with a pretty good reputation,” Messinger said.

The water flowing down the wall and pumped through the nozzles is controlled by an intricate pipe system contained within the building behind the wall. Messinger said the water will be cleaned three more times before the system is ready to be used by the public. However, he thinks park goers will be able to enjoy the cool spray provided by the wall later this summer.

The rest of Bell Tower Green is on track as well, Messinger said.

“If you’re looking at the park today, all of what we see here was in the plans and artist’s renditions,” Messinger said. “Seeing it in real life is stunning. It’s not more than what we thought, but the color and striking nature of the features is really cool.”

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