East Rowan High School All-County Scholars

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 27, 2021

Mattox Hoke Henderson

Parents: Sean Henderson and Kim Henderson

Elementary and middle achools: Morgan Elementary School and Erwin Middle School

College and expected major: North Carolina State University to major in engineering.

Career goal: I would ultimately like to become an engineer of some kind and receive my professional engineering license and open my own firm.

Letter sports and leadership positions: I have played varsity baseball for three years and I am a member of National Honors Society. I was a junior marshal and I was the FBLA sports liaison as well.

Outside school: I was a member of the Rowan County NC3 Baseball team last summer, which was a replacement for Legion Baseball due to COVID. This had a large impact on me as a person and helped the community morale as it was one of the first sporting events held in Rowan county after COVID happened.

Defining moment: Overcoming my severe set of food allergies that I have had since birth. Fortunately, during my sophomore year, I was retested and found that the majority of my allergies had dissipated. This may sound minor to some, but not having to be worried about the food that you eat was very soothing to me.

Your secret to high school success: Pushing myself to the limit each semester. In doing this, I was able to effectively challenge myself to reach higher goals over time, which allowed me to reach the point that I am at today. I have always strived to do the very best at anything that I put my mind to, and I believe that in doing so, anything is possible.

If I had $10 million: I would start off by taking part of the money and distributing it amongst various charities and organizations. I would then take another part of the money and use it to pay off any student debts that I will acquire through college. The remainder of the money will be saved or invested in order to ensure that I have a good amount of money for later in life. I will allow the money to work for me in order to provide another source of income, apart from my day-to-day job. 

Landon Jeffrey Mayhew

Parents: Jeff and Karen Mayhew

Elementary and middle schools: Morgan Elementary School and Erwin Middle School

College and expected major: I plan to attend N.C. State in the fall and major in animal science

Career goal: Small animal veterinarian

Leadership positions: I am the president of East Rowan Student Council and Key Club. I am also a member of the Honors Chorus and had the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall. I have participated in track and tennis while in high school. Other clubs which I am a member of are National Honor Society, Junior Civitan, and Crosby Scholars.  

Outside school: Church volunteer work, mission trips and working as an assistant at a large animal vet clinic. At Gold Hill Wesleyan Church, I have organized several food and clothing drives for my community. In addition to volunteering with Rowan Helping Ministries and Habitat for Humanity, I have participated in mission trips to Guatemala and Kenya.

Defining moment: When I became a Christian. Since that time, I have devoted less time to myself and more time to helping others. This has impacted my life in many ways and has changed my outlook on future goals and even responsibilities to help others. My desire is to follow God’s will in everything I do and to try to always help my neighbor in need. 

Secret to high school success: The secret to my high school success has been to simply work hard and always put forth my best effort. I have also made a deliberate effort to do things that make me happy, such as spending time with my family and friends.

If I had $10 million: I would donate to Zimbabwe Orphan Empowerment Ministries, an organization that assists orphans in Africa allowing them to support themselves and their siblings. I would also donate to charitable organizations in my own community and my church. I feel that if I’m blessed by God in this way, I should be my brother’s keeper and help others in need. I would also invest in my future, including paying for college.  

Bryson Shive

Parents: Brad and Starr Shive

Elementary and middle schools: Shive Elementary School and Erwin Middle School

College and expected major: In the fall, I will be attending North Carolina State University and majoring in biology

Career goal: A lot is still undecided but my heart has been set on dentistry for a while now.

Letter sports and leadership positions: I have played varsity baseball my junior and senior years. Although baseball takes up the majority of my after-school time, I remain involved in clubs and other student organizations. Currently, I am the secretary of the Ducks Unlimited conservation club, FBLA academy member and a National Honors Society inductee. 

Outside school: Giving back to the community is very important to me and over the past four years I have associated myself with many organizations that allow me to do just that. Heavily involved at my church. Another organization I have worked closely with is the nonprofit Hunters Helping Kids.

Defining moment: A defining moment in my life would be when I suffered an extensive arm injury during the fall baseball season my junior year. I was deprived of the right to touch a ball for months. Missing an entire season was devastating and the recovery was grueling but looking back it displayed many lessons that have helped shape me into the athlete, student and individual I am today.

The secret to your high school success: The willingness to constantly challenge myself and learning to stay ahead of assignments. Semester after semester, I strive to take difficult leveled courses and with such a rigorous schedule, I have been taught the hard way not to procrastinate. Consistently staying on top of my assignments allow me to put forth my best effort and be as productive as possible.

If I had $10 million: I would first donate to my church and those in need. Whatever is left I would put towards college tuition, start a youth baseball organization of my own, and lastly buy a ton of farmland with all kinds of livestock.

Zoe Bea Larson

Parents: Tracy Larson and Jerry Larson

Elementary and middle schools: Granite Quarry Elementary School, Erwin Middle School

College and expected major: University of Alabama, kinesiology seeking a master’s of athletic training

Career goal: Athletic trainer for an NFL team

Lettered sports and leadership positions: Volleyball

Outside of school: Hiking and volunteer work

Defining moment: When I was awarded All-County and All-Conference for the East Rowan volleyball team.

Your secret to high school success: Let yourself know it is OK to make mistakes when attempting to try your very best. Since I have been dual-enrolled and will have my associate degree when I graduate high school, I have learned that workloads get very large and that classes get challenging.

If I had $10 million: I would donate 20% of the money toward organizations that educate and work towards combatting sex trafficking in the United States. I would then use some of the money to help get my athletic training business started, but set some of it aside to invest so that it is at hand to support my future family generations in times of need.

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