Letter: Bridge lighting, escort required coordination

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Salisbury High School football team and its coaches accomplished the most elusive goal in high school sports, a state championship.

Mike London’s article was spot on and covered all the night’s highlights, except the one that occurred several hours after his deadline. He credited many stars of the championship game, including Jeremiah Booker, Zae Clay, Marcus Cook, Jaden Gaither, Mike Geter, Nick Hall, Wade Robbins, Deuce Walker and JyMikaah Wells. He added that Coach Hinson stated the unsung hero of the year was Zae Neal. We got to read why Vance Honeycutt earned the MVP award and realized when Jalen Walker caught a TD pass that he was more than just a “Bulldog” Linebacker.

The one highlight Mike London understandably missed happened hours after the game and occurred in Rowan County not Wake County. A tribute to the state champions returning home included: the Spencer Fire Department and the Spencer and East Spencer police departments lighting up the Old Union Church Bridge, the team getting a “Green Light Right of Way Escort” from the bridge to the high school. Even the Square was temporarily shut down by Salisbury firetrucks.

This well-deserved tribute and escort was all due to the synchronized teamwork of the police departments of East Spencer, Spencer and Salisbury along with the Spencer and Salisbury fire departments. A streamlined coordination of these events was possible due to Assistant Coach Jackson keeping his fellow firemen posted on the team’s arrival.

And in a display of true class, many off-duty policemen came out to salute the champions.

So, my thanks go to the SHS coaches and team for all the work, sweat and dedication it takes to earn a championship. And thanks to Mike London for this and so many of his sports articles. Also, much appreciation goes to the East Spencer Police Department, Spencer fire and police departments and the fire and police departments of Salisbury for their combined tribute to honor our state champions.

Your thoughtful bridge lighting and escort topped off a night full of highlights.

— Frank Eason