Public Records: March Deeds

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 16, 2021

A list of deed transfers for the month of March compiled from the Rowan County Register of Deed’s Office:

Atwell Township

Shawn M. Drye and Melissa Drye to EWI Properties, LLC. 

Jose Enrique Soto Mata and wife Reynalda Mata to Jose Enrique Soto Mata and Jaime Galarza Benitez 

Amilcar Antonio Perez and Daniela Zuluaga to T.C. Curron Sheeks, $15,000

Tommy Floyd Polk and wife Shasta Polk to Bent Oaks, LLC, $55,000

Angela C. Walker and husband James Paul Walker to Paula Walker Roland and Lowell Dean Walker, $500

Julie Hinson Hunsucker and Richard Daniel Hinson to Julie Hinson Hunsucker (life estate) and Miranda Lambert (remaining interest)

Carolyn C. Isaacson to Piedmont Assets, LLC, $21,000

David Ashley Hedrick and wife Andrea Carrick Hedrick to Timothy J. Cooper, $135,000

Oscho Roy Deal revocable trust to Oscho Roy Deal and wife Martha Jane Myers Deal 

Roland Estep and wife Gail Estep to Sasha Harris Deese and husband Derek Allen Deese

Rebecca Wright Herman and husband Michael David Herman Sr. to Amy P. Ewing and husband Chris T. Ewing, $25,000

Raymond W. Whitson and wife Sandra T. Whitson to Martin A. Whitson 

David Ashley Hedrick and wife Andrea Carrick Hedrick to Kurt Culbert and wife Erin Culbert, $129,500

Charlene M. White and husband Eric Lynn White to Erica Lynn White Walters 

Teresa W. Wherritt and Kenneth J. Williams, co-trustees of the Nancy D. Williams Revocable Trust to Teresa W. Wherritt and husband William Wherritt, $14,000

Teresa W. Wherritt and Kenneth J. Williams, co-trustees of the Nancy D. Williams Revocable Trust to Gerald M. Williams and wife Debra L. Williams, $19,000

Donald W. Freeman and wife Joanna H. Freeman to Dennis Michael Freeman

Cathay Lynn Rogers to Brandon E. Harrington, $9,500

Sheila Stamey Reid to Timothy R. Goodman, $30,000

Sheila J. Reid as trustee of the Stamey Family Trust to Timothy R. Goodman, $90,000

Albert E. Guessford Jr. and wife Keenia Guessford to Joshua P. Clark Jr. and Samantha Rayne Valence, $103,000

James L. Young and wife Lori Jean Young to Kannapolis Properties LLC, $21,000

Brandon M. Kerley, executor of the estate of Jesse Franklin Kerley Sr. to Brandon M. Kerley 

Tonya Yelton and husband James Bradley Yelton to Osmin Cabrera and wife Ana Aracely Pena, $20,000

China Grove Township

Nicole Dextraze and Christopher Dextraze to Rebecca E. Sullivan, $222,000

David Frye to Crystal DeRoberts, $78,000

Allen E. Britt to Allen E. Britt, a life estate, and Jeff Merry 

True Homes to Christopher Cathey and Krystal Cathey, $227,500

Jason Lee Overcash and wife Holly Snider Overcash to Jana Griffin Adams, $130,000

Stella Adela Somerson to Timothy P Badgett, $144,500

James Jeffrey Miller and wife Martha W. Miller to Alfredo L. Maruri and wife Jennifer Maruri, $415,000

Marc Stanley Rasmussen and Rhonda A. Rasmussen to Marc Stanley Rasmussen 

Kathy Ann Overcash Dayvault to Bradshaw Real Estate Group, LLC, $100,000

Gary R. Hocking to Gary R. Hocking, and Heather Louise Walker

Atlantic American Properties, Inc. to Seth L. Correll and wife Makenzie M. Correll, $65,000

Town of Landis to John D. Eckard and wife Janet S. Eckard 

Daniel Dunham and spouse Stephanie Ione Dunham to RES-NC Restoration LLC 

Tracy Beaver Morrison and Michael Justin Morrison to Michael Justin Morrison 

Rabon Properties 2, LLC top Daniel Jerome Mack, $189,000

Brian L. Seagraves and spouse Crystal Gail Seagraves to Darrell Adam Jordan, $12,000

Ria L. Totterdell and husband Alexander Totterdell to Robert Del Powers, $122,000

Brent D. McClellan and wife Lauren N. McClellan to Town of Landis, $2,000

Paul Itterly to Eugene Patrick Mungo, Jr. 

Sharonview Federal Credit Union to Jerry D. Garrison and wife Karen P. Garrison, $87,500

Landis Oaks Properties to Queen City Property Buyers 

E3 Properties, LLC to Nicholas Daniels, $160,000

Christi J. Adams to Jensen Morris Caudle and wife Mallory Morgan Caudle, $206,500

Ernest R. Sutton Jr. to Donald E. Hatley III and wife Jennifer I.C. Hatley, $81,000

Chestnut Street Investments, LLC to Thomas D. Efird, $450,000

Jerry Dean Garmon to Jeremy Garmon

True Homes LLC to Jacinta Michelle Burch and Jahlil R. Lord and Jahlea M. Burch, $243,500

Whitney Williams Jackson to Innovation Investment Group, LLC, $15,000

Michelle Cetnar and spouse John P. Cetnar Jr. to YAMASA Co., LTD, $236,000

Hutchs Real Estate, Inc. to Jeffrey M. Lucy, $202,000

Timmy Brown and wife Crystal Brown to Angel N. Brown 

Mack N. King Family Limited Partnership to Jeffrey Vance King, $85,000

Atlantic American Properties, Inc. to Jeannie Borum Burkhardt, $73,000

Atlantic American Properties, Inc. to James D. Wightman II and wife Allison Rowell Wightman, $60,000

Allison Sherrill Parker to Michelle Hensley Davis, $135,000

Paul F. Swink Jr. to Justin Eugene Swink 

Paul F. Swink Jr. and win Chin-Ying Swink to John David Foster 

Torrance A. Jones to Shifa 1, LLC, $9,500

Opendoor Property J, LLC to SFR JV-1 Property LLC, $187,500

Allison Miller Bober to Jason Paul Bober 

Landon S. Gravett and spouse Jaclyn L. Gravett to Kristina Sue Schmeuszer, $227,000

Kimberly O. Treece to G&K Properties LLC, $14,000

Sherrill Family Trust to Michael Ray Martin, $139,000

Carl Lynn Lomax and wife Daphne V. Lomax to Jaclyn Lomax Gravett and husband Shane Gravett

Chase DRM LLC to Eustacio Medina Gonzalez, $180,000

Atlantic American Properties to Brylan D. Gann and wife Cindy T. Gann, $107,000

Terry F. Parham to Drake Robert Johnson, $45,000

Atlantic American Properties to Brady C. Cheek and wife Lori H. Creek, $62,500

Ida B. Long to George R. Long

Margie S. Robinson and husband Max Clyde Robinson Sr. to Olivia Robinson Shearin 

Janice Helsley Junda to Decario L. Phifer and wife Kenisha H. Phifer, $200,000

Cleveland Township

Amy Padgett Krieger and husband Steven Thomas Krieger to Luke C. Bolmer, $140,000

Sherrill J. Klaus to Sherrill J. Klaus 

Sherrill J. Klaus to Wanda Pope 

Sherrill J. Klaus to Thomas Bradley Jarrett 

Ronald Charles Riley to Lisa Ann Riley 

Sandra Kay Kirkbride and William R. Miller to Tony Edgardo Mendoza and Jennifer Mendoza, $60,000

William M. Thompson and wife Linda S. Thompson to William M. Thompson and wife Linda S. Thompson

Carol T. Snyder to Eusebio Solis-Cornejo, $70,000

Compton Builders and Investments LLC to Bradley A. Mclain and Jessica I. Mclain, $80,000

Alberta Browley to Tyice King 

Dewey R. Turman and wife Linda S. Turman to Michael Todd Turner and wife Angela Bost Turner, $5,000

Stacy L. Bryant and STacy Lynette Bryant and David Kendell Redmond 

Corey Yost and spouse Kristen Hope Yost to Kevin M. O’Brien and spouse Yvette O’Brien, $352,000

Timothy John Taylor and wife Heather L. Taylor to Timothy John Taylor and wife Heather L. Taylor

East Spencer

Smoky Mountain Equity to Manuel Rojas Investment LLC, $35,000

Potluri Ventures LLC to Fortune Rentals LLC

Franklin Township

Peggy Thomason Ross to Loren Martin, $7,500

Tyrone Cole to Tryone Demetrius Cole

Lisa Ann Lennox and spouse Debra L. Thomforde to Lucas Lofton George, $150,000

Deborah W. Johnson to Deborah W. Johnson and Candice Day Johnson

Freddie B. Bryan and wife Sharon H. Bryan to Carey D. Cannon and wife Jennifer V. Cannon, $427,000

Betty M. Brown to Jeffry A. Martinez, $250,000

Gary Dale Atwell and wife Cynthia Casey Atwell to Clyde L. Mowery Jr. 

153 Capital, LLC to Susan Hampton, $290,000

Oscar Enciso-Ugarte and spouse Juliana Carvajal Garcia to Julianna Enciso and spouse Oscar Enciso-Ugarte 

George L. Rhyne to George L. Rhyne and Vicki Wilcox Rhyne 

Enrico V. Alessandrini and wife Jennifer D. Alessandrini to Daniel Jacob Flanagan and Jordyn Dawn Jackson, $217,000

Gold Hill Township

Queen Properties to Self Storage Trust, $285,000

Michael J. File and wife Miranda M. File to CMH Homes, Inc., $46,000

Bryant Mowery and Rachel Mowery to Rachel Nicole Mowery and Kenneth Darryl Bolden

Timmy J. Hartsell and wife Amy Lyn S. Hartsell to Kelsey Ann Despeth and Dillon Lee Brewer, $295,000

Tina Gradean Daniels to Morgan Land Development LLC, $50,000

Estate of Dalton Wyatt Givens to Martha H. Young 

Alexander Hiatt and wife Kaitlyn Hiatt to Cody Len Hill, $185,500

Imelda Diaz to Harry E. Horne and spouse Lois Horne, $95,000

Brittany Rae Schofield to Jennifer King and Michael Dawayne Jackson, $110,000

Steven R. Sherlin and wife Michelle L. Sherlin to DWB Real Estate Properties LLC, $190,000

Dana Goodman Robertson and spouse William Dwayne Robertson to Dana Goodman Robertson and spouse William Dwayne Robertson 


Robert Bitowft and Denise Bezrutch to Kimball Street MHP

Sonny Joyner and Emily Joyner to CMH Homes, Inc., $46,000

Kenneth V. Taffaro to The Lovely Brother, LLC., $155,000

Danielle M. Martini (Free Trader) to Danielle Marie Martini, trustee of Danielle M. Martini Trust UAD

Jill Brown Roberts to Barrington Long and Lyudmila Vakser, $420,500

Opendoor Property Trust to Progress Charlotte LLC, $248,000

Robin Blackwelder and Robert Blackwelder, wife and husband to Douglas Alan Podraza, $173,000

Atlantic American Properties to Cedarview Properties, $83,000

Deborah A. Wiggins and husband Randall H. Wiggins and Ernest C. Overcash and wife Lorilea J. Overcash to CMH Homes, $69,500

Christa M. Sullivan and husband Dustin B. Sullivan to Hannah Louise Rosenbalm, $182,500

Bryan Keith Belk and Leah Belk Williamson and spouse Robert William Williamson to KBL Property Investments, LLC

Larry Ronald Lee and wife Wilma Mae Erwin to Ries Douglas Aigner and Randall Douglas Aigner, $235,000

Daniel R. Bridges and spouse Patricia Bridges to Kelly Draper Browning, $163,000 

Lewis Wayne Freeze and wife Pamela Culp Freeze and Mary Freeze Cochran and husband George Thomas Cochran to 704 Builders, Inc., $70,000

James R. Sherrill to Michael Anthony Joseph Braman, $7,000

Billy O. Payne and spouse Kay C. Payne a.k.a. Velma K. Payne to Jarrett B. Glass and spouse Nena N. Glass, $100,000

True Homes, LLC to David Michael Luckey and spouse Jasmine Kiarrah Luckey, $252,000

Hutchs Real Estate, Inc. to Jeffrey M. Lucy, $202,000

True Homes to Matthew James Manning Jr., $230,500

North Start Builders Inc. to Clay Durand Sprecher and spouse Alyson Elain Sprecher and Ronnie Russell and spouse Gail Russell, $263,000

The estate of Judy A. Blake, Tiffany Morris, executrix and Brandy Blake to JP Home Solution Corp., $120,000

Joseph W. Keller to Koya IRA 1 LLC, $265,000

True Homes LLC to Theodore William Cook II and spouse Ashlee Nicole Cook, $246,500

Telisa H. Graham to Marks Logistics, LLC, $60,000

Darvin Pethel and wife Tana B. Pethel to Erik Myhrer, $130,000

Maria Avalos Del Toro and spouse David Garcia Contreras to Rashel Moreno and Mariela Morena

Jimmy G. Miles and spouse Amy Michelle Miles to Wightman Custom Homes, Inc., $150,000

Wealth Cap Funds LLC to Frank Walton, $160,000

True Homes, LLC to Rachel Marie Stoessel, $251,500

Amy M. Rowland to Jamie Wayne Klassette Sr. and wife Andyel Klassette, $201,500

Sally S. Baldwin and spouse Laurie E. Baldwin IV and Dorothy S. Mosley to Andrea Fleegel, $139,000

Steven Lane Little and wife Lisa Robinson Little to 704 Construction and Roofing, LLC, $20,000

Andrew Loszko and wife Lucy Koszko and Jose A. Espinoza Alfaro and wife Rosiris Jimenez Morales to Gwendolyn Gunn, $230,000

Michael Brittian Hyatt and spouse Lauren M. Hyatt to Sylvia Cherry and spouse Frank Cherry, $154,000

True Homes LLC to Devin Davis, $220,000

Larry S. Lancaster and Robin W. Lancaster to Michael McGlynn, $33,500

Litaker Township

Candice Fox Safrit and Jeffrey S. Safrit and Shannon Fox Cheeseman and husband Chad Mathew Cheeseman to C and S Fox Properties, LLC 

Judy M. Workman to Sam S. Workman to Carrie W. Kirkman and husband Daniel R. Kirkman 

James Wesley Snead and wife Sherry Ramona Snead to OMG Investments LLC, $155,000

Elias Mirabal and wife Jennifer A. Mirabal to Fernando H. Ospina and wife Carmen Lucia Ospina 

Michael Wayne Hartness and wife Jane B. Hartness to Michael A. Hartness 

Jonathan Wayne Goodman to Jeffrey Linn Brooks, $18,000

Marvin L. Goodman Jr., Kelly G. Beck and husband Roger D. Beck and Jeffrey T. Goodman and wife Angela M. Goodman to Jeffrey T. Goodman and wife Angela M. Goodman, $80,000

Ollie Virginia Long Stancil to Ollie Virginia Long Stancil and Larry W. Stancil, Phyllis A. Huffman, Barbara J. Smith and Doris G. Huffman, $2,000

Karen Greer Carriker and husband Samuel David Carriker to Karen Creer Carriker 

Marcia Irene Nolan to Kong Yang and Bao Lao, $225,000

Joann C. Talley to Barbara Michelle Broome 

IRA Trust FBO to Bryan Gilbert, $207,500

Jeffrey Starnes and wife Miki C. Starnes to Courtney Yoe and husband Adam Yoe, $332,000

Sherry Annette Mault and husband Edward Lee Mault to Lamar Michael Smith and wife Kathryn E. Smith, $320,000

Jason A. Morgan and wife Melissa C. Morgan to Robert E. Toler Jr. and wife Sheila E. Toler, $152,000

Sherry Annette Mault and husband Edward Lee Mault to Lamar Michael Smith and wife Kathryn E. Smith, $35,000

Locke Township

Larry Todd Adams and Carrie Reavis Adams to Spencer Brock Adams and Brittany Proctor Adams, $148,000

Linda S. Blackwelder to Christopher J. Wright 

John Derek McDermott to John D. McDermott as trustee of John D. McDermott revocable living trust 

Lucas A. Flippin and Wesley L. Flippin to Gerald A. Flippin and wife Lisa J. Flippin, , Lot No. 54 of Homestead Hills

Donald Paul Rendleman to AG Circle Drive, LLC 

Herman F. Peterson to Herman F. Peterson as trustee of the Herman F. Peterson revocable living trust

David Wayne Casey and wife April Harrington Casey to Kendra Price and Valerie Julian Samaroo, $282,000

David McKinley Rector to Jason Smith, $405,000

William James Sanns and Karen Ann Sanns Alfonso to Maria Mercedes Sanns

James Sawyer and Sonta Steger to Dustyn Murphy, $160,000

Billy E. Carlton to Billy E. Carlton and remainder over to Johnny R. Morgan and wife Brenda K. Morgan 

Michael B. Thompson and wife Gail D. Thompson to Robert W. Abbot wife Ellen M. Niemann, $440,000

Jose M. Henriquez and wife Raquel Henriquez to Samuel Daniel, $250,000

Plantation Ridge, Belle Realty Development Company, Trexler Construction to Ashlyn Sierra Baker 

Morgan Township

Nena Michelle Jacobs-Dearth, Administratrix of the estate of Marshall Lewis Swaringen to Krista Leigh Simons, $4,000

James R. Corby and Cynthia M. Corby to Jamile Flaquer, $190,000

Jack Dale Carter to Robin N. Sandidge and wife Amanda L. Sandidge, $20,000

Mollie Alexander Beck and husband Arnold Ray Beck Jr. to Roland Hunter Arey, $130,000

Michael Stewart and wife Michelle Stewart to Robert Craig Carlisle and wife Susan S. Carlisle, $16,500

George William Veach to George William Veach for and during the term of her natural life, remainder to Susan Elizabeth Veach 

Frances W. Dover to Kenneth Allen Dover

FFS Land Holdings LLC to Gary Lynn Beale and wife Lorie Anna Beale, $50,000

Shirley R Milord, Richard Todd Elliott, Sonya Elliott Reuss and husband Donald Anthony Reuss to Dolores J. Santiago and Raymond V. Santiago, $119,500

Mount Ulla Township

Dorothea A. Jansen and Ray Jansen to Luis Santana, $35,500

Barbara Ann Childers and James Childers to Stacy Perry Childers and April Lynn Childers, $2,000

Jeffery Eugene Starnes and Debra L. Coppo to Philip N. Thompson and spouse Alicia M. Thompson, $160,000

Ridgewater Construction, LLC to Christopher D. Owens and wife Laci J. Owens, $575,500

Frank E. Curatolo and spouse Giacoma M Curatolo to Johnnie Robertson and spouse Patricia McLAughlin, $45,000

Ridgewater Custom Homes, LLC to Joshua Appleby and wife Leslie Appleby, $614,000

Providence Township

John H. Breedlove and Brenda K. Breedlove to Jenifer Diana Lee, $320,000

Jeremy M. Foster and Aubrey F. Foster to Marjel Tani, $460,000

Terry Eugene Hill and wife Susan Barlow Hill to Mary Etta Hill Sewell and husband Adam Sewell 

Mary Etta Hill Sewell and husband Adam Sewell to Mary Etta Hill Sewell and husband Adam Sewell 

Michael W. Burton Sr. and wife Joy Burton to Robert B. Banks and wife Ella S. Banks, $699,000

George Herman Benfield Jr. and wife Vickie Beaver Benfield to James Cunningham and Donna Cunningham, $65,000

Marlene M. Minshew to Micah Lane Berry and wife Candice Berry, $551,000

The Estate of Carole T. Peninger to Courtney Goudes and spouse Zackery Love, $140,000

R & R2 LLC to Granite Petro Real Estate Inc., $1.38 million

Jianhua Fan and spouse Gongliang Shue to East West Financial Inc., $135,000

Melissa L. Sapp and Frederick Anthony Wilson and wife Lisa B. Wilson to Frederick Anthony Wilson and wife Lisa B. Wilson 

Michael Wayne Sale to Tony Scott Sale 

Terry W. Trexler to Terry W. Trexler and Sharon Breland Merritt 

Dolan E. Cauble, by Michelle Cauble McCormac, as guardian of the estate, and wife Sandra J. Cauble to Michelle Cauble McCormac 

Jacob Eli Fisher III and wife Lynda Fisher, David F. Brinkley and wife Deborah C. Brinkley, Thomas H. Yoe III and wife Mary Carlene Yoe to Baker Construction and Holdings, LLC, $22,000

Better Path Homes, LLC to Michael S. Horn Sr. and wife Amber Rose Horn, $142,000

Rowan County

Lennar Carolinas to Paula Sue Hylton and Brandon Kyle Hylton, $218,000

Shirely Ann Lindsay to John H. Breedlove and Brenda K. Breedlove, $265,000

Brandon M. Sansom and Tiffany B. Sansom to Brandon M. Sansom

Tammy Mulrooney to Tammy Randa

Kelly S. Israel to Three Rivers Land Trust

William D. Brown to Diane Lynne Nelson, $225,000

Steven Neal Mock and Teresa Trexler Mock and Lynne Mock Michael and Carey Randall Michael to Caleb Brian Cranfield and Brianna Michelle York, $130,000

Sandra K. Keels, individually and as the executor of the estate of Darrell C. Carper and Linda Diane Carper and Joi Annette Chapman to Michael Douglas Sienerth and Michelle Sienerth, $209,000

Tanya Peeler Canup and Robert Canup to Trisha Peeler Ritchie and Robert Ritche III, $275,000

Merlin David Yoder to Merlin Properties of Carolina, LLC

Charles Dennis Turner to Branson Dennis Parnell

Walter E. Lyman and Sallie R. Lyman to Cody Watts

Bobby Ray Smith, as executor estate of William S. Moore and as holder of a power of appointment to Bobby Ray Smith and Deborah Anne Smith

Gwyn R. Brantley and husband Jimmy Brantley to Gwyn R. Brantley and husband  Jimmy Brantley

Roland H. Arey to Adrian L. Alexander and wife Kendra Hicks Alexander, $143,000

Jane Ann Gilchrist to David N. Stanbro, $267,500

William C. Moore and wife Judy L. Moore to Sean P. Heady and wife Krista C. Heady, $230,000

Evelyn L. Russell and spouse Bennie L. Russell to Alexander Hayes and Jami Hayes, $80,000

Jeremy Shane Morris and wife Stacey Wright Morris to James Bublin and wife Margie Bublin, $339,000

Helmsman Homes, LLC to Gregory Gerald Peitz Jr., $220,000

Eric Lee Jones and spouse Jenny Brothers Jones, Patrick Orland Jones and spouse Rhonda Parks Jones and Paula Jones Mullinaz and spouse Mark Eugene Mullinax to Michael T. Davies and spouse Rebeca Lee-Anne Davies, $242,000

Thomas Daniel Efland III and wife Kelly S. Efland to Tad N. Todmann. $245,000

John D. Sprinkle and wife Mary Ann Sprinkle to Alexandria S. Woolwine, $94,000

Jerehmy D. Warner and wife Wendy C. Warner to Sell Fast Charlotte LLC, $74,500

Harry Marsh to Cameron J. Allison, $136,000

William N. Hitchcock and wife Katherine A. Hitchcock to Kelly Shane Killion and wife Camielle Foster Killion, $320,000

Dependable Development, Inc. to True Homes, LLC, $53,500

Kim R. Barringer and wife Connie G. Barringer to Michael Wayne Burton Sr. and wife Joy McCorkle Burton, $650,000

Gerald Calvin Briggs and spouse Mary Lou Briggs and Colleen Murphy, $115,000

Doris Holshouser File to LP Forests, LLC, $30,000

William R. Kennedy wife Hazel S. Kennedy to Jacom Properties, LLC, $12,000

Shellie Love Cruse Hammill to Richard Sepulveda, $175,000

Derek B. Pinkston and wife Tammy T. Pinkston, $240,000

Terry Lee Basinger to Blake Lee Basinger

Landis Oaks Properties, LLC to Queen City Property Buyers, LLC

James Ray Shinn and wife Jackie Childers Shinn to Jackie Childers Shinn

Donnie Dee Miller and wife Sharon Honeycutt Miller to Jessica Brie Miller and husband Gary Ronald Walker

Dorothy Connor Kepley to Diane K Hedrick and wife Ashley W. Hedrick, $35,000

Walter Eric Correll and wife Shirley B. Correll to Walter Eric Correll

Patricia Humphrey Goodman and husband Clyde Steven Goodman to Michelle Denise Stewart

Charles M. Miller III and wife Vickie P. Miller to Michael Charles Miller and wife Kathleen Edge Miller

William Harold McLaughlin Jr. and wife Elaine P. McLaughlin to William Harold McLaughlin Jr. and wife Elaine P. McLaughlin

Jonathan D. Letsinger and wife Sharon Letsinger to Susan P. Sessler, $158,000

Nicholas D. Stutts and spouse Erin G. Stutts to Kimchi Moyer and Liberty Moyer, $385,000

Heather Higgins Templeton to Jerry Sean Templeton

Dawn Wilkerson Shepherd and husband Brady Lee Shepherd to Orfanel Curiel Perez, $148,000

Fadi Shallo and wife Olla Mustafa to Natnares Anantayathansiri, $34,500

Shawn L. Blackwell and Harvey Blackwell to Blackwell Family Trust

Cose2, LLC to Austin Goodman, $187,000

Rhiannon Development Group, LLC to Robert Shane Stegall, $285,000

Tony Ray Deal and wife Jennie G. Deal to T-Four, LLC, $57,000

Joel Stofford and wife Minta Holt Stofford and Walter Stofford and wife April Stofford to Keith R. Turner, $20,000

Steven Eddie Troutman to Marsha Willene Campbell, $100,000

Mary W. Whitaker to John Eric Childers and wife Tracy Childers

Nina F. Culver to David Cromwell Culver

Johnny C. Cozart and wife Belinda B. Cozart to Amanda Cozart Holden

Catherine Irene Tomlinson to C J Properties of Salisbury, LLC

Rufus Joyce III and spouse Amy Joyce to Jason Douglas, $272,000

Byrne Properties, Inc. to Trent Franklin Drye and wife Jennifer Brinson Drye, $350,000

Tony S. Fox and wife Dawn S. Fox to Sell Fast Charlotte, LLC, $105,000

Spencer Lane Construction, LLC to Jarrett T. Chandler Jr. and wife Connie D. Chandler, $315,000

Spencer Lane Construction LLC to Keith H. Trawick and wife Sherry C. Trawick, $297,500

Robert L. Neubauer and spouse Joanne E. Neubauer to Alondan M. Turner and Alvilonte Turner, $16,000

Steven L. Reeder and wife Annetta G. Reeder to John Lewis Braxton Carr and wife Annette Lynn Giarla-Carr and Ellen H. Michelson and husband Michael J. Google, $727,500

State of NC Department of Transportation to Michael Irvin and Tammy Irvin, $4,125

Dorothy M. Boat and husband Larry Allen Bost to Jacobs Investments, LLC, $90,000

James M. Sharpe to Roseman Real Estate and Construction, LLC, $12,000

Kelly S. Horton to Eric C. Storey and wife Kristina M. Storey and Kelly S. Horton

Thomas Ray Harvell and wife Julie Poole Harvell to Lyerly’s Welding and Fabrication, $25,000

Joshua Logan Phillips and wife Shelli Walser Everhart to Robert Steven Lunsford, $300,000

Arthur Standish Francis and spouse Mary A. Francis to David Troy Beaver, $177,500

SSBC, LLC to EGQ Enterprises, LLC

Zachary R. Carscaddon to Sherri S. Carscaddon

Eric D. Simmons to Stephen P. Howard and spouse Angela D. Howard, $8,000

Chad Eric Hedrick and wife Jodi P. Hedrick to Andrew W. Hochstetler and Wanda R. Hochstetler, $35,000

Rita Kinley Wells and husband Wyatt Ward Wells to Todd S. Duncan, $40,000

Jeff Reaves to Mark A. Reaves, $1,000

Rent the Farms LLC to Elizabeth Brito Dominguez, $190,000

FFS Land Holdings, LLC to North Carolina Custom Modulars, LLC, $95,000

Darren Alan Myers and wife Teresa Ann Myers to Mark A. Stout and wife Sharon W. Stout, $163,000

Egnor Elite, LLC to Rob Nance Construction LLC, $15,000

Caleb A. Kirk to Johnny Lee Roberts, $550,000

Thomas R. Chesney and wife Kristin E. Chesney to Thomas R. Chesney and wife Kristin E. Chesney

Elizabeth Ann Avant to Jarrell Contractors, Inc., $100,500

Glass Door Investments to Cody MacGeorge Clark, $226,000

Jonathan A. Herrin and wife Terri S. Herring to Kenneth I. Schwendinger and wife Rhonda G. Schwendinger, $265,000

Brady Cubed Holdings, LLC to J&M Moore Properties, LLC, $115,000

Sandra G. Sullivan to Victor Scuteri and wife Wendy Scuteri, $160,000

Laura W. Walls life estate to Robie Michael Walls and Debra Robin Navy

Betty C. Hoffman to Daniel Michael Murphy and wife Lartha Johnson Murphy

Frank E. Curatolo and wife Giacoma M. Curatolo to Raymond Eugene Hobbs and wife Margaret Underwood Hobbs, $45,000

Nancy D. Speck to Grant Alexander Stokes

Larry Todd McKenzie and wife Tracye Glenn McKenzie to Daniel Desprosiers and wife Michelle R. Desrosiers, $234,000

Jonathan Sain to Courtney Pruitt Sain

David Rennie to Scott Young, $9,000

Jonathan D. Letsinger and wife Sharon Letsinger to Katiria Baez Lopez, $220,000

Michael V. Motte and wife Doris R. Motte to Donn M. Taylor and wife Sheila Taylor, $215,000

Dana Edward McClanahan Jr. and wife Jackie Wilson McClanahan to Oscar Alvarenga, $97,000

Steven L. Wyatt and wife Belinda B. Wyatt to Christian A. Shuping and Miranda R. Wyatt

Roxanne W. Vandewege to Vilaysack Manidavong

Christopher Eugene Jacobs and wife Danielle Brooke Jacobs; Thomas Alexander Jacobs to Pablo Jose Lizano, $120,000

Thomas O. Page and wife Mary W. Page to Bedford Jackson Page and spouse Robert A. Myers, $197,500

Jeffrey Kayle Alley to Investcar, LLC, $68,000

Investcar, LLC to J.S.F. Builders, Inc., $86,000


Matthew A. Farrow and Randi M. Werk to Tyler Scott Scruggs and Ashlyn P. Scruggs, $165,000

Jacque R. Taylor and Alexis Taylor, and Jhaun Taylor Sr. and Lepri Taylor to Smoky Mountain Equity LLC, $12,500

Sharon D. Hovis to Eric B. Fair, $167,000

Ronald Keith Carter and wife Vickie Koontz Carter to Sue Ellen Plaza and Catalina Torres, $7,000

Curry Ronald Sheaks and Sarah Lee Sheaks to Kyle M. Hopkins, $100,000

Rockwell Township

Baker Construction and Holdings to Kristen Grinstead, $155,000

George William Veach to George William Veach for and during the term of her natural life, remainder to Kathy Diane Earnhardt

Jackie M. Stevens to Bentley Construction Company Inc., $130,000

Joan Pickler Brines and spouse Doug Brines to Bentley Construction Company, Inc., $35,000

LuAnn Devon Clenney  to Nichole Newpart, $225,000

Brady Darrell Reavis and wife Annette Y. Reavis to Roger Dale Blake and wife Pennie Jolette Blake, $215,000

Lennar Carolinas, LLC to Brandon Thomas Mullis and Meredith Ann Johnson, $222,000

Daniel A. Aldridge Sr. and spouse Samantha Aldridge to Opendoor Property Trust I, $154,000

Brandy M. Stoner to Community Capital Group, LLC, $76,500

J C Property Rentals LLC to Cose2 LLC, $85,000

Lennar Carolinas to Anthony Friedman Ceraso, $223,500

Terry Ann Davis to Jerry Carl Davis


Wade Jurney Homes to Michael Gibson, $186,000

LGI Homes-NC to Joseph Martine Jr., $256,000

LGI Homes to Catalina Molina Maestre and Nathaniel Devor, $242,000

Juquita Hines Wilson to Aaron McGuire and Ashley Eberwein, $257,500

Ribbon Home SPV II to Joyce Ann Lipe and Eric Price Lipe, $294,000

Judy Pittman and Donald Bittman to Stephen G. Beck, $160,000

Atlantic Properties of Rowan to WDI NC 200, $375,000

Joseph A. Vermillion and Kathleen Vermillion to Terry Barringer and Patty Barringer, $320,000

Dock L. Jackson Jr. to Glen A. Frix, $65,000

Lomartire Services Inc. to Central Piedmont Builders, Inc., $63,000

Julie Hearn Smith individually and as the executor of the estate of Annie Cecelia Hearn Hunsucker to Richard E. Yates and Melissa B. Yates, $32,500

Slayer, LLC to Tanya-Marie Ann Maldonado and Edwin Ricardo Maldonado, $203,000

Bryant Norman and Kay Wright Norman, Sarah J. Norman and Adriana Marie J. Norman to Prestige Property Investments LLC, $30,500

Prestige Property Investments LLC to Dennis Alexander Ferrufino, $45,500

Rowan Investment Company, Inc. to Koco Java Coffee, LLC, $357,000

John Russell Garland and Sheli Ann Garland to Jack Frye, $270,000

Daniel James Baptista and Selina Skipper Baptista to Eric Daniel Bjerke and Carmen Constantine, $532,000

Sean P. Heady and wife Krista C. Heady to Michael Keith Amico and wife Michele Morris Amico, $292,000

Margaret M. Fisher to Bryan K. Robinette and wife Camille P. Robinette, $235,000

Ozell Samuel Thompson, III and wife Lautrice Shenell Thompson to Joel Jimenez and Allysa Murphy-Flecha, as joint tenants, $185,000

LGI Homes NC, LLC to Andre Powell and Nickesha Powell, $231,000

Jerry Lane Jones Jr. and wife Charlene V. Jones to Faye Brown Bennett, $50,000

Cedar Crest Enterprises LLC to Amber Vivian Ashleigh-Boone and husband Daniel Brian Boone

Larry A. Smith and spouse Demeater M. Smith to Tania Lizzeth Flores Bueso and Sandra Leticia Bueso Espinoza, $50,000

J2 Land Investments, LLC to Journey Capital, LLC

LGI Homes to Christopher Edwards, $234,000

Charlotte Investors Group, LLC to Amber Dellinger, $150,000

Luis Gerardo Ortego to Luis Gerardo Ortega

Matthew A. Agner to Henry Brenner, $138,000

James E. Ellington Jr. and wife Leigh A. Ellington to Harry B. Leazer

John P. Gorman to Cose2 LLC, $57,000

Rose C. Kittrell to Carmilla M. Young, $179,000

Steven Mark Rufty to Walter Homes NC, LLC, $25,000

Bird Dog Property, LLC to Kristin A. Dombroski and husband Denver L. Dombroski, $140,000

Mary Allison Carter Dunkin FKA Mary Allison Carter and Matthew C. Dunkin to Mary Allison Carter Dunkin and Matthew C. Dunkin

Journey Capital, LLC to Patricia L. Crump and wife Shawna M. Crump

David L. Karczewski and wife Jennifer R. Karczewski, $175,000

Christopher A. Carman and wife Angie L. Carman to Carman Properties LLC,

Gary J. Lofthus and wife Katherine S. Lofthus to David Joseph Austin and wife Krista Denise Austin, $265,000

Randolph W. Linhart and wife Julie G. Linhart to Terry Lee Jolly and wife Lauralee Cody Jolly, $345,000

Randolph W. Linhart and wife Julie G. Linhart to Juan Carlos Munoz, $130,000

Zachary Devin Schaefer and wife Siera Alyssa Schaefer to John D. Tilley and wife Caitlin J. Wood-Tilley, $225,000

Ronnie Jason Workman and wife Stephanie Nicole Workman to Zachary Devin Schaefer and Sierra Alyssa Schaefer, $315,000

LGI Homes to Michele Nielson, $220,000

LGI Homes to Angel A. Lopez Baltodano, $235,000

Lowry Hustead, LLC to Lowry Vogt Properties, LLC

Gary D. Hamm and spouse Amanda M. Hamm to David Bruce Webb and Cisily Respass, $276,000

Stephen C. Eller and wife Kaylee N. Eller to Brady Lee Shepherd and wife Dawn Shepherd, $242,000

Justin Hinrichs and spouse Sara Hinrichs to Aubrey Lydell Mackey and spouse Audrey Lynn Mackey, $263,000

Karen Gobble Leonard to Timothy Bridle, $85,000

LGI Homes to Nyarah Thompson, $218,000

MOST Investments 4, LLC to Jose Juan Delgado Mondragon, $61,000

Cathy M. Stanley to Cathy M. Stanley, a 99.5% undivided interest and Matthew Ray Stanley, a 0.5% undivided interest

Caleb Garrow and wife Taylor Garrow to Jennifer A. Lane and husband Michael H. Lane, $285,000

Jan M. Holmes to Jan M. Holmes and April Opudo

Danny E. Blankenship and wife Rebecca S. Blankenship to Danny E. Blankenship and wife Rebecca S. Blankenship and Julia Lauren Blankenship

Terrall E. Hughley and spouse Jennifer B. Hughley to Randy Gray and spouse Iska Gray, $270,000

LGI Homes, LLC to IH6 Property, $257,000

LGI Homes to Muran Zhu and Kai Fei, $232,000

Tammy C. Ford to Offerpad, LLC, $94,500

Thomas L. McElveen Jr. and wife Patricia T. McElveen to Thomas L. McElveen Jr. and wife Patricia T. McElveen

Juan Bello Santos and spouse Guadalupe Salazar Acuna to Moises Bello Santos, $75,000

LGI Homes to Clifford Brown and Marissa Imes, $242,000

Jacob Robert Younce to Mark Moore, $148,000

Tony Scott Sale and wife Rhonda R. Sale to Michael Wayne Sale

Jill R. Peterson to MOST Investments, LLC, $335,000

Tonya Hargrove Johnson and husband Timothy D. Johnson to Trusted Journey Living

Vernon Randall Benson to Imperial Concrete Inc., $29,000

Martha A. Smith to BGRS Relocation Inc., $610,000

BGRS Relocation Inc. to Vina R. Proveaux, $610,000

CMH Homes Inc. to Deborah K. Ebright, $209,000

Nguyen Duc Nguyen and spouse Dang Thi Hong Nguyen to Kada Endeavor Enterprises, LLC, $60,000

LGI Homes to Angela M. Tromp, $258,000

James Robert Nieman and spouse Elizabeth Nieman to Miller Nieman Properties LLC

WJH LLC to Rahel Milkias Degefu, $186,000

Chelsea White Ellenburg and spouse Jacob Ryan Ellenburg to Cassandra Renee Long, $140,000

Mark E. Rockwell and spouse Angela M. Rockwell to Chelsea White Ellenburg and spouse Jacob Ryan Ellenburg, $240,000

LGI Homes to Joseph David Fleming and Lori A. Fleming, $236,000

Thomas L. Moffa and wife Diane P. Moffa to Joseph Webb and wife Steffany M. Webb, $202,000

James C. Robinson and wife Debora S. Robinson to Christina Emily Lockhart, $148,000

WJH LLC to Ashiya V. Graves, $186,500

Felipe R. Figueroa and Falana M. Figueroa to Felipe R. Figueroa and Falana M. Figueroa

Adam Yoe and spouse Courtney Yoe to Michael Walker, $269,500

Todd R. Stalcup and wife Paige H. Stalcup to Tammy C. Ford, $275,000

Luis Torres and wife Madeline Torres to Jorge Castro and wife Ana Castro, $175,000

Christine Guardino to 113 Crawford, LLC

WJH LLC to Norris David Williams, $201,500

Sharon Owen Barnhard, executrix of the estate of Samuel Kenneth Owen to Barbara S. Owen

Michael Byrne Hooper and Karen Kiem Hooper to Thomas Warren Hooper

Thomas L. Overcash to Thomas L. Overcash

Hugh Sidney Eudy Family Trust to Alexandrina Biscos and wife Traian Biscos, $112,500

Southern Preservation Co. to Kroll Enterprises, $245,000

LGI Homes to Treneha Howard, $243,000

James Wesley Corriher and spouse Jordan Faith Corriher to Joesiel Quintana, $227,000

Cambron Shelton Beck and wife Kelli Heustess Beck and Margaret Helen Beck Sprouse to Oswaldo J. Membreno, $67,000

WJH LLC to Hakeem Ishola, $185,500

WJH LLC to Robert Alexander, $187,500

Bernard Thomas to Mary J. Thomas

LGI Homes to Duston Dry, $220,000

Charles Lawson and spouse Alice Spohn Lawson to James Robert Nieman and spouse Elizabeth Nieman, $170,000

Gary Morgan and spouse Betty Morgan to Jade Stanford and spouse Jennifer Rose Stanford, $517,000

Ronald W. Hanna and wife Donna B. Hanna to Ron’s Transmission LLC

WJH LLC to Annasha Dawn Case, $210,500

WJH LLC to Mary Leonard, $186,000

Richard Allen Hash and spouse Rhonda Kay Hash to Jeffrey P. Ripstein and spouse Linda S. Ripstein, $327,000

Jo Marie Hurst and husband J. Melvin Hurst to Andrew Riffel and Emily Vanek, $168,000

WJH LLC to Jahaad Mccutchen, $196,000

John W. Hawkins to Niva Hawkins

Gayle C. Shannon to Jason Midgett and Donna Midgett, $460,000

Steele Township

Louise Lentz Johnson Naile to Ashley Ruth Richardson, $117,000

Anna A. Miller to Clara A. Pratt and Robert K. Abercrombie

Clara A. Pratt and husband Micahel B. Pratt to Robert K. Abercrombie, $10,000

Michael K. James and wife Bonnie S. James to Manuel D. Morais and wife Natalie D. Morais, $63,000

Tamara Bryant Henson and husband John Daniel Henson to Lisa M. Pruett, $190,000

Armando Trujillo-Pineda and wife Olga Garduno Perez to Maria Trujillo Hernandez

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