China Grove Roller Mill open for tours Saturday

Published 1:29 am Thursday, May 13, 2021

The historical China Grove Roller Mill will be open for tours on Saturday from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.  

In addition to the original milling equipment, an interesting exhibit, “Farming in Yesteryears” will show farm life more than 125 years ago.  The exhibition will remind those who grew up on a farm of the hardships and joys of farm living, and teach youngsters about the life of a farm family generations ago.     

The display will include food harvesting, preparing and preservation of food, quilting, sewing, spinning yarn, and even the occasional “farmers still”.    All three stories of the mill will be open for visitors to enjoy.

The China Grove Roller Mill was organized in 1883 as a combination grist mill and sawmill.  In 1903 the three-story brick building that now stands proudly at 308 North Main Street was constructed.  

The Roller Mill contains heavy duty machinery that was used to process grain.  Wheat was weighed, cleaned, ground, and sifted to become flour.   Corn was ground and processed into cornmeal. The equipment in the building is the original mill equipment that was in full operation when the mill closed in 1995.   

The China Grove Roller Mill was placed on the National Register of Historical Places by the United States Department of the Interior on December 29, 1983.    

Tours of the mill are offered by appointments for interested individuals and groups.

The mill contains an all-purpose room suitable for many small events including parties, reunions, dinners, and meetings.   Please call the Rowan Museum for more information, 704-633-5946.