Letter: Speak up about location for ‘Fame’

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 27, 2021

On behalf of the concerned citizens of Salisbury and Rowan County, I am very upset they had the angel, “Fame,” removed from Innes Street in Salisbury.

I looked forward to seeing it as I passed down Innes Street in Salisbury. Now, we have to decide where to put it. We all need to speak up and give our voice as to where it needs to be put. I would like to see it put back where it came from.

It represents the Confederate soldiers. We don’t need people from outside of town trying to make decisions for us. We need to think about all our veterans that have fought for us. Some lost their lives.

The statue doesn’t belong in a place it cannot be seen. It is a very beautiful piece of art.

I suppose next they will want to remove our crosses from our churches. All citizens of Salisbury need to stand behind what we believe.

— Diane Williams