Letter: Developments will be low-income housing

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Laurel to two new “infill” apartment developments published Thursday (“Infill development is good for the community”) neglected to mention that both are tax credit projects, which means low-income and taxpayer-supported. Colonial Heights is also low-income, as is the massive Brenner Ave apartment complex recently completed with more proposed.

Salisbury is adding more and more tax-subsidized housing, which means that taxpayers are paying more and more to make existing and low-paying jobs possible. More low-income students in the schools. More need for community assistance. Why should the Ridgeway community be delighted to have two low-income developments far overwhelming the single-family neighborhood?

I celebrate higher wages allowing people to support themselves. I celebrate quality job creation. I don’t support allowing low wages to be made tolerable at the cost of the taxpayers.

— Cassie Cunningham