Spring is springing at Hurley Park

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 4, 2021

By Danelle Cutting
For the Salisbury Post

I was remarking the other day that I think we need to change the old adage “April showers bring May flowers.” It seems like for the last few years, we keep getting the rains in February and have an instant bloom fest by the end of March. I don’t know what phrase I would create since “February and rain with March and flowers” doesn’t have such a catchy tune. But what is eye “catchy” or pleasing to the eye is all of the blooms at Hurley Park!

For Hurley Park, “spring is springing” and it is glorious. With the lovely weather, many of our spring bulbs and plants are blooming. On display is the magnolia collection which consists of star-studded with bright whites, deep pinks/purples and one of our rare favorites — a lemony yellow. Many of the crocus are blooming as well as the prized daffodil bed. Our tulips have also started to really pop as well as the beautiful anemones.

The daffodil bed was completely renovated not long ago and each year everyone awaits for its spectacular exhibition. This year, it did not disappoint and it was a show worth seeing. If you ever need a time to get out and enjoy nature, now is the time. Unfortunately, with the rains the daffodil display has finished but the forsythia and spirea are now basking in their glory. We get just a few weeks of these beautiful displays and it would be quite a shame to miss out. The only requests we make is please do not go into the garden beds to take photos, do not pluck the flowers, and please don’t trample them with your feet or your beloved pet — by doing this it will help others enjoy the beautiful flowers at Hurley Park.

Hurley Park in the spring is a lovely time to visit and this year it is just as welcoming. The spring time is usually when we host our annual Spring Celebration but due to the limitations/restrictions from COVID-19 we are still unable to hold our event. As things improve we look forward to having our events and seeing everyone out in the park. As always we hope you will come visit Hurley Park soon.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 704-638-4459 or contact us on Facebook or Instagram @HurleyParkNC. If you would like to donate to Hurley Park, visit our website at salisburync.gov/hurleypark.

Danelle Cutting is manager of Hurley Park.