Letter: Take a break, it’s OK

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 1, 2021

I took a break from the noisy me — “the I got it or “I’ll get it” to just let it be.

I took a break from the phone calls, the random visits even the scheduled ones.

Yes, I took a break from the “I can’t wait,” “wasn’t that great” to the “could of been fun.”

I have children, but yes I did take a break from everyone. No, this isn’t selfish. This is a must. It has to be done.

A Break reboots, revives and make room for more.

So, mama, the next time you want a break, take it because the ones that matter understands and wish you’d break more. We’re just glad break doesn’t mean broke; instead it’s your type of fun.

Take a break. It’s OK.

— Genia Woods