Letter: Salisbury owes its citizens voice, right to participate

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 28, 2021

I don’t know why I am surprised by the actions of Salisbury’s elected leaders. Sometimes the only way to know what they’re up to is to read the Salisbury Post.

Anyone who watched the proceedings last June when the City Council finalized agreements, which had been previously written up behind closed doors deciding the removal of the Confederate Monument “Fame” by an undisclosed, select few, found the betrayal of the principles of democracy unfathomable.

Not only had the decision to remove “Fame” from its original context been decided, but apparently also the one and only place to which relocation would be allowed. Some citizens have, in spite of the restrictions of COVID, discussed and identified other, possibly more appropriate locations. We were led to believe that the city’s establishment would be willing to open up this process to the public. It is an incomplete process, and there are citizens who would like their voices to be heard. Surely it would be in the interest of our entire and diverse community for a more open and extensive process to be undertaken.

Instead, our leaders have resolutely plodded forward toward the one and only place of relocation which they have decided would be allowed. They are like a dog with a bone.

Having been excluded from the original decision to remove the monument, the city at the very least owes its citizens the right to participate in deciding what happens to it next.

— Ann Brownlee