Letter: Hold off on relocation of ‘Fame’

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 28, 2021

Many area citizens were shocked and surprised to read the headlines in the March 11 Salisbury Post, “Work on new ‘Fame’ location underway.”

Based on earlier conversations with city officials and members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, it was our understanding that a moratorium had been declared on the relocation of this magnificent angel statue until local citizens were given the opportunity to recommend and vote on proposed sites. In fact, a grassroots Fame committee has already identified at least 12 sites which were considered much better than the abandoned and desecrated cemetery location on North Lee Street adjacent to the railroad tracks.

Members of the “Fame” committee have been working with the UDC to identify other locations in the area which were as prominent as the former West Innes Street site. At least three sites have already been identified in available public parks.

It appears once again that the citizens of Salisbury have been stifled and thwarted in their efforts, including many letters to the Salisbury Post, to a fair and open process. If it’s not too late, and it should not be, let’s please reinstate the moratorium until after a fair hearing and vote can be held for “Fame.” All citizens should be given the opportunity and privilege voicing their opinion and vote on this historical monument and its relocation. We were never allowed to vote on the removal of the angel. Please give us a voice on her new home.

Ronnie Smith