Youth Sports: Imes, Mayfield hope to recharge youth

Published 2:21 am Friday, March 26, 2021

TanUnika Imes, left, and Rashonda Mayfield, playing days.


Mayfield and Imes today.


Former West Rowan basketball stars TanUnika Imes and Rashonda Mayfield, who graduated from high school in 2006, are known as sisters, best friends, teammates, cousins — and now business partners.

After a lot of prayer, they have started their own business: “THE GAME RECHARGED LLP.”

They are giving back to their community and surrounding areas.

THE GAME RECHARGED LLP will be offering individual 1-on-1 sessions, group sessions, conditioning, fundamentals training, mentoring and more.

THE GAME RECHARGED LLP is preparing to kick off in May with six-week sessions and possibly an all-star game to close the first sessions.

There will be a Meet & Greet on April 17 from 9 to 1 at the old Cleveland YMCA which is now named 15 Sports.

This is a free event to introduce their basketball project and to bring youth and parents together to meet the recharged trainers/owners.

Youths can potentially show some skills on the court when they sign up at the Meet & Greet and food will be provided.

“This is definitely a vision we have had for years, and we are beyond grateful that we are able to turn this vision into reality,” Imes said. “We arekeeping GOD first and praying this vision will be bigger than just basketball and giving back to CLEVELAND, NC.

THE GAME RECHARGED LLP takes COVID seriously and will be using CDC guidelines throughout sessions.

All youth will be required to be masked up at all times. Parents will answer COVID symptoms questions before every session. Equipment will be sanitized properly. Tempature checks will be taken before each session.

THE GAME RECHARGED LLP is also insured for each participant.

“Our vision is to create a positive environment in our community by giving back where we can utilize skills, instill goals, and RECHARGE on and off the court to the next level.” Imes said. “We’ll be teaching youth structure and good sportsmanship. They will be learning valuable life lessons and gaining confidence to help them succed in life.”