Letter: More questions emerge about K-9 video

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 25, 2021

Isn’t it amazing what you can learn from reading the newspaper? Apparently, the video of the horrendous abuse inflicted on K-9 Zuul goes back a few months and occurred in the presence, and with the knowledge, of other police officers, whose only interest is keeping the brutality under wraps. They are just as guilty as Zuul’s handler. 

I ask you, why would someone wait months to release the video if this were an isolated instance, i.e., old news? Or are they sending smoke signals that brutality is part of training for K-9s in the Salisbury Police Department? Certainly the chief’s stance on the video leaves no doubt that roughing up a dog is par for the course.  

Now we hear about the city officials. They are all running away from the hot potato. If you see wrong, do the right thing. How difficult can it be to say, “We will not tolerate brutality by the police department”? Anyone with a moral compass would have condemned the actions of this police officer.

At least Mayor Pro Tem Al Heggins had the fortitude to speak up, but Karen Alexander and David Post did not. Not only that, David Post wants to know who released the video! Is he getting ready to shoot the messenger? No video. No problem.

Instead he wants us to focus on childhood hunger, homelessness, opioid abuse (actually it’s addiction). My dear sir, only government programs can remedy those problems, and changing the subject will not make the video go away. The point is not that the dog seems to be OK (I sure hope so); it is the brutality of the police department.  

The investigations will shed light on the K-9 program in Salisbury.

By the way, can you imagine any of the aforementioned personalities being thrown into the side of a vehicle by a pro wrestler and walking away saying “I think I’m OK”?  But that is OK for the dog who works for the people of Rowan County.

I want to thank whoever released the video of this horrific abuse; that took real courage. You are a mensch, a real human being. Many blessings for you and your family.

— Christel Voelske